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Special Olympics Abu Dhabi

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Technology and trust run in parallel at NZ Police

Deputy chief executive Mark Evans and CIO Rob Cochrane discuss how the NZ Police is working together - and differently - as ICT becomes a critical component of policing

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5 data analytics investments worth the hype

Analytics technologies are all too often hyped as transformational magic. But these five emerging analytics investments look promising and productive enough to fuel future bottom-line benefits.

Carmen Casagranda

Carmen Casagranda joins Chubb Life as global CIO

Leaves Cigna International after nearly 10 years

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Data governance: The new competitive weapon of ‘torchbearer’ organisations

New Zealand and Australian firms, however, need to keep pace with their global peers in this area, according to IBM’s latest C-suite study

How to sell data and analytics to stakeholders

There’s an inherent need for data-driven business decision making, but linking this demand to specific business benefits and outcomes can be difficult


‘We have to continuously reinvent ourselves’: Oracle ANZ chief Valery Lanovenko

Explains the drivers behind the company’s new mission statement

Cybersecurity awareness  >  A weary businessman holds hand to forehead at security training.

IT certifications and training center

Certifications show that you’re committed to your job, have specific skills and are willing to up your game. Check out our online training courses and guides to top certifications -- all part of your Insider Pro subscription.


Amazon's cloud unit readies more powerful data centre chip - sources

The new chip will also use a technology called a "fabric" that will allow it to connect with other chips to speed up tasks like image recognition

Roxanne Salton

Digital human joins customer service team at Southern Cross Health Society

‘Aimee’, the AI-powered digital assistant, was developed with UneeQ

Microsoft to probe work of Israeli facial recognition startup it funded

AnyVision, based outside Tel Aviv, has come under scrutiny following reports by Haaretz's TheMarker business newspaper and NBC News that its technology is used to surveil Palestinians who live in the occupied West Bank.

New Zealand base for methane-measuring satellite mission

The MethaneSAT, due to be launched in 2022, is designed to locate and measure methane from human sources worldwide, and will provide data to track and reduce those emissions

California reveals Facebook probe, says social media company stonewalling investigation

The Facebook state investigations are part of a larger landscape of probes of big tech firms by the U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.

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Data preparation tools: Your analytics strategy’s secret weapon

Data preparation is frequently cited as the leading roadblock to leveraging data within an organization. Getting the right tool for your organization can help you breakthrough.


Microsoft rolls out new cloud tool for analysing business data

The tool is meant to help companies build out systems that analyze large amounts of data to make better business decisions, such as whether a digital marketing campaign is driving more traffic to stores and websites.

Firms combining AI and IoT far more competitive than those using only IoT - study

“It is fair to say that most successful IoT operations are actually ‘AIoT’ operations,” says Oliver Schabenberger, chief operating officer at SAS.

From ‘practical blockchain’ to ‘shadow AI’: A look at the top strategic ICT trends for 2020

Prepare for the impact of these trends — they will transform industries and your business, reports Gartner

CIO upfront: Tackling one of the biggest issues today - the ethics of AI

We all have a role to play in this and need to be aware of what is happening in the wider ecosystem of technologies, writes Russell Berg of Quanton

Tech and trust will be top drivers for customer loyalty in 2030 - study

In 10 years, smart machines will handle majority of customer engagements - will brands run the risk of trading empathy for efficiency?

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