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Threading the needle [precision/strategy/exactness/execution/strings/threads/materials/goals]

The one transformation goal CIO must prioritize in 2020

Defining goals without acknowledging the need to transform often leads organizations to make iterative improvements to existing businesses without challenging themselves to consider disruptive opportunities and threats.

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Top-down strategy is dead – Long live the team of teams!

How should CIOs construct their organizations to better enable the agility demanded by today’s pace of strategy and initiative change?

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5 enterprise cloud strategy trends for 2020

Architecting hybrid cloud environments and teaching IT staff how to work with and manage them are top of mind for CIOs seeking innovation from cloud computing services in 2020.

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A deeper look into how technology is innovating the financial sector

Banking is becoming a fundamentally digital experience, with many people banking virtually, no longer going into brick and mortar offices, and AI eliminating tellers. So how are banks reacting to this new reality? Are they embracing...

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Anticipatory IT: Your strategy for staving off digital disruption

Anticipating future opportunities based on hard and soft trends is crucial for CIOs seeking to avoid disruption. Does your organization have what it takes to commit to an ‘anticipatory IT’ strategy?

How to respond to mandatory IT budget cuts

A knee-jerk, quick response to a mandatory cost-cutting challenge can certainly reduce cost in the short term. However, without proper evaluation, these costs often return in the medium to long term.

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‘This is how we build an attractive, sustainable work culture’: Xero founding CTO Craig Walker

No business is ever finished developing and growing, but here are some of the things we’ve found seem to be working for us, writes Xero founding CTO Craig Walker

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5 factors that will shape data-driven innovation in 2020

The coming year promises new challenges and opportunities for companies building data-driven services.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella touts ‘tech intensity’ formula to Kiwi firms

In his second visit to New Zealand, Microsoft CEO outlines factors to consider as organisations increasingly tap data and AI to transform their businesses

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‘We need to move away from the notion of uncertainty, to collectively embracing change’: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Says NZ economy is in good shape amidst global headwinds, and details plans for tackling the future of work

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9 pitfalls to scaling innovation from pilot to production

From a lack of a handoff plan to a failure to loop in business users at the right time, innovative projects all too often stall when pushed out into the real world. Here’s how to do it right.

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10 reasons IT leaders fail at innovation

Tech leaders have been given an innovation mandate, but many still struggle to build a robust innovation capability. What’s holding them back?

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IT’s new ROI: Return on innovation

CIOs struggle to temper business expectations of 100 percent innovation success with the realities. Here’s how to foster a healthy innovation outlook.

Rocket Lab taps Siemens software to scale up production

“Investing in the right digital platforms is critical to the sustainability of our business,” says Shaun O’Donnell, vice president of global operations at Rocket Lab.

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Spark trials 5G service on the water for Emirates Team New Zealand

"The America’s Cup is as much a technology race as a yacht race,” says Dan Bernasconi, head of design for Emirates Team NZ

BNZ and Vodafone ‘co-deliver’ business accelerator programme for tech startups

The Vodafone xone Partner Series aims to help scale and grow Kiwi startups that have a digital offering for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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Z Energy trials NZ’s first virtual fuel tank

Customers can store fuel virtually until it’s needed, and share access to their tank with up to five people

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Co-innovating with startups: 5 steps for success

Startups can help your organization kick-start innovation. Here’s how CIOs can hone their approach to courting fledgling vendors of emerging technologies while reducing risk.

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