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Salesforce administrator responsibilities: What needs to be done and when

What does a Salesforce administrator do all day, week or month? Here's the general rundown.

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Platform priorities

Prioritizing by platform is a decision that can add significant value to our business.

abstract system architecture

The enterprise architecture paradox

When done properly, EA can be instrumental to unlocking the value in all initiatives—digital or otherwise.

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In the AI revolution, bias is the new breech. How CIO’s must manage risk

Automation is the future, but we need to enter the future with open eyes and a clear head.

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Will a weak process culture derail your next IT project?

Five steps you can take to create a healthy process culture where innovation is not only welcomed, but encouraged to thrive.

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GDPR: Are you ready for the new face of data privacy?

The CIO's guide to the breadth and depth of GDPR.

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How IT can both deliver business value and 'keep the lights on'

IT teams spend too much time on “daily churn” rather than delivering real value to the organization. Read how Mike Guggemos, CIO at Insight Enterprises tackled the problem.

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How to leverage weather to build a disaster recovery plan

Meteorologists can help businesses understand the seasonal weather threats they may face – both the extreme potential and frequency with which certain things could occur.

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Becoming GDPR compliant quickly, effectively and risk-free

The hype around the GDPR compliance has recently reached the fever pitch recently. Thus, it seems essential to share the tips that help company become GDPR compliant without risks and on time.

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What does a CIO's 360 review even look like?

Effective CIOs need more than a performance review or even a 360 review. They need regular feedback and more management by walking around.

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Predicting the future with social physics and blockchain

Identifying and appreciating the human presence in markets is crucial to determine what kind of future cryptocurrency has.

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Pushing the envelope of your digital strategy

Skydivers have tolerance levels. Scuba divers have thresholds. Business leaders have limits. Are you pushing the performance envelope of your digital strategy?

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What should CIOs leading digital transformation focus on in year two and onward in the journey?

When a digital transformation enters its second or third year, CIOs should increase their marketing and communications around the program and look for places where practices like devops and data governance are needed.

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Debunking the robodoc: the pivotal role of human-machine collaboration in the future of diagnostics

AI-based diagnostic technologies will likely play a major role in the future of healthcare — but this doesn’t mean that physicians and diagnosticians need to fear for their jobs.

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IT-business alignment is out; anticipators are winning the day

Business leaders want IT to be more than strategic partners. The goal now is for IT leaders to actually drive business opportunities -- to be innovative anticipators.

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How to be compliant with data breach notification laws

As a CIO, the bucks stops with you for matters pertaining to data breaches and compliance towards subsequent notifications.

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Are you the bottleneck to growth in your organization? Here’s how to fix that

Isn't it time to focus your energies on leading the business in the right direction?

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From IT technician to IT leader – taking the first step towards leadership excellence

Are you an IT technician struggling to become an IT leader? Here’s what’s holding you back.

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