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healthcare data cloud services

Healthcare data’s moment of lift

The unlocking of patient data is leading us to a future when health care will be a vastly improved experience with superior outcomes. However, there will be guard rails around consumer access to personal health records.

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5 ways startups are innovating with data

Successful data-driven business models can be built from finding, aggregating and repackaging niche data from unexpected sources.

5G mobile wireless network technology

5G is critical to the competitiveness and future success of America’s small businesses

5G represents an exciting range of new possibilities, but it's also important not to let the hype overwhelm the need for security, privacy and safety.

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7 key relationships for the transformational CIO

As CIOs shift their focus from technology-centric to business-centric, there are seven key relationships that are fundamental to their success.

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Almost all cyberattacks in 2018 were preventable

New research shows cyber-security incidents that exposed 5 billion records cost an estimated $45 billion last year.

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The purpose of a corporation: sustainability

Reconsidering the fundamental driver of corporate valuations is perhaps too much to expect in the short term, but it is a useful way to frame the question of how sustainability can be built into decision-making.

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A CIO shares his expertise in leadership success

Advice for C-suite executives as they transform their leadership style and build effective organizations.

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4 leadership lessons from a multinational tech executive

An executive from multinational IT company Tech Mahindra shares the leadership lessons and career advice based on his unexpected professional journey.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

5G: The carrier-grade digital infrastructure for the software-defined factory of the future

5G is here and there has been growing interest in what the next-generation mobile network technology means for industry. Telecom operators and industrial OT (Operational Technology) players have been investigating the use cases and...

Social media apps -- among them, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Should social media delete “provably false” stories?

It’s a dangerous standard that misses the real challenges facing digital platforms.

abstract wireless communication network

3 ways WiFi 6 can revolutionize your network

Lofty proclamations for what the emerging wireless standard will do for IoT don’t matter much to CIOs caring for the carpeted enterprise. But they will care about three new ways they can leverage WiFi 6 to retool for a much more...

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The simple way low tech industries can digitally transform

The older and more undisturbed a process is, the greater the potential. Simple tools can create immediate and substantial value.

strategy / brainstorming / teamwork / collaboration / discussion

How to Increase customer-focused collaboration

The theory behind creating a collaborative, customer-focused team is simple. Unfortunately, simple isn’t always easy. If theory worked without a glitch, you wouldn’t be feeling the pain of missed project deadlines and key stakeholders...

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5-stage self-help program for confronting talent debt within your organization

IT leaders bemoan the technical debt afflicting their core systems but rarely confront the talent debt afflicting their workforce. This self-help program enables leaders to accelerate the transition from denial to action in dealing...

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Want to create a customer-centric culture? Meet your customers where they are

Digital evolution is challenging for a company as large as Qurate Retail Group. But CIO Karen Etzkorn is helping it succeed by creating a customer-centric culture and elevating digital experiences.

working mother and child / work-life balance

Can parenting affect your child's success in the workforce?

Parenting is difficult enough without taking the blame for your child’s poor choices. How can your decisions affect your child’s success?

Talking and gesturing during a meeting. // teamwork // collaboration // discussion

The secrets of high-performing teams

While a motivated team is important to succeed in today’s competitive business world, a team that embraces entrepreneurial thinking can be a real game-changer. But can that mindset be taught?

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Beyond data recovery: A CIO’s perspective on digital preservation

Ensuring your valuable digital information remains accessible and usable is no small feat. It involves planning, resource allocation and application of preservation methods and technologies...and it goes well beyond backup/restore and...

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