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The year ahead in app dev

Application proliferation – the lurking crisis

There are literally thousands of SaaS applications that can be used to manage almost every aspect of a company’s internal operations. On a bad day it may seem as if your company has purchased all of them! Here are some tips on how IT...

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Welcome to Insider Pro

For more than 50 years, IDG has earned the trust of its readers with authoritative coverage of the technology industry. Insider Pro is the natural evolution of the insightful coverage our publications have produced for decades.

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Creating a learning organization

Innovation and success at digital transformation are built upon a foundation. So, what wisdom do CIOs have about creating learning organizations?

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A ‘first 100-days’ plan for the new CIO

SAIC CIO Nathan Rogers offers an approach for managing your new CIO job.

Selecting the right people.

Who’s in charge of upskilling tech talent? You are. Here are 5 ways to get started

Can’t find talent fast enough? Train them! It’s no secret that hiring external talent is no longer sufficient to fulfill today’s tech employment demands. That’s why many companies are investing more resources in upskilling.

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3 practices Industrial IoT can learn from digital health and the Internet of Medical Things

The human-centric focus of healthcare has given digital health developers a different perspective on how they deploy IoT technology. Industrial developers can learn from these practices – patient first, the Quadruple Aim and the Nudge...

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Designing an artificial intelligence center of excellence for disciplined transformation

The heart of establishing a center of excellence is to achieve scale, sustain innovation and expand cultural adoption. The pillars of vision, collaboration and culture will help your organization use data faster to realize value.

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Why are most organizations late to change?

The pace of change continues to escalate, and the saying “if you snooze you lose” has never been more relevant. Here are four ways to help your organization avoid being late to change.

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Rethinking government use of commercial exploit tools after WhatsApp spying

The recent WhatsApp lawsuit shows the significant risk to individuals, as well as public trust, that comes from allowing commercial systems to remain exploitable.

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Interim AI report offers mix of ambitious and practical recommendations

If we want US, rather than Chinese, values to infuse the world’s approach to AI, then high powered diplomacy is an essential tool. A new NSC report breaks down the approach.

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5 steps to develop a true leadership superpower

If IT executives can learn to be better listeners, they can become better leaders. Here's how.

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5 ways cybersecurity awareness trainings can strengthen your organization

As efforts to implement comprehensive security engineering frameworks and policies grow across various enterprises, it makes sense to implement a hands-on training program focused on educating your employees with basic cybersecurity...

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Why corporate boards put their digital transformation at risk

Despite increasing cybercrime and dependency on digital revenues, many CEOs operate in the dark. A stunning 63 percent of CISOs don’t regularly report to their board, research by Ponemon Institute finds.

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5 principles for a fulfilling career from the ‘Father of Digital Mobile Communication’

Dr. Jan Uddenfeldt, who helped develop groundbreaking wireless technology for Sony and Ericsson, says leaders cannot go it alone.

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The culture shift in your DevOps environment

Incorporating best security practices into DevOps is not only good for your company and your product – it's good for your teams.

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How to avoid a knee-jerk hiring strategy

If need is driving all of your recruiting decisions, you may be compromising.

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Precedents matter in cloud negotiations

You might know what a great deal looks like, but that’s only half the battle. Achieving that great deal requires persuasiveness.

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Ending white dominance in tech starts with white women

When white women fail to see the access and privilege afforded them, the “women in tech” narrative will continue to be characterized by the white woman’s perspective, thus erasing the experience of black women and other women of...

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