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blue skies vs. storm clouds - pros vs. cons - positives vs. negatives - risk assessment analysis

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Enterprise CIOs should watch how AI and blockchain build the cannabis industry

The legal cannabis industry is proving to be fast moving and innovative. Its IT leaders have the challenge and the luxury to adopt new technologies, including AI and blockchain, without the limitations of legacy systems. Enterprise...

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Have you been thinking?

How much of your time is devoted to thinking about and planning for the future? Whatever your answer might be, it probably isn’t enough. Let’s change that.

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2 trends reshaping the future of IT support

We are in the early stages of a broader transformation in how enterprise organizations look at the role of support. In the near future, support will become much more automated, but will also become much more customer-facing.

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The IT skills gap: are companies missing the boat?

Are we taking the necessary steps to balance the supply and demand of tech workers? The answer to outsourcing could be starting with our students.

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Establishing enterprise IT best practices for an SMB

Enterprises spend trillions of dollars each year on storage and security compliance. Here are some of the best practices that enterprise IT adhere to, and how small businesses could deploy similar systems for your own infrastructure...

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Improve end user device security and embrace the future via the cloud

Cloud has reshaped the client/server model. Are you evolving your architecture to suit?

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IT effectiveness – Everyone’s desire, yet no one’s mandate

Technological innovations have been the primary driver of digital transformation until now. To maintain the momentum, digital transformation needs a corresponding wave of innovations in technology management. IT effectiveness is the...

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Vision, alignment and the development of consensus

A vision document provides an efficient solution to find a consensus around what we will be building.

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Navigating artificial intelligence strategy in your industry

Considering the impact of the artificial intelligence (AI) on your industry's business models, processes, products and services.

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Successful retailers make customers ‘fall in love’ with stores

Online shopping has shaken up the category, but physical retail – with a big assist from technology – will abide.

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Shed light on your dark data before GDPR comes into force

Somewhere, hidden in the depths of your business, lies a threat you may never have considered. Lurking in the shadows, it silently multiplies beyond your control. It threatens your business’ security and could cost you dearly under...

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Who ‘owns’ the healthcare consumer of the future?

How the ongoing M&A scramble and the frantic pace of digitalization of healthcare are reshaping traditional relationships between healthcare consumers and providers.

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How to determine the value of enterprise data

The value of data is getting increasing attention from boards and CXOs as digital technologies disrupt entire industries, so getting a handle on the enterprise value of data is becoming more important for most corporations.

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Gender diversity doesn’t happen without advocacy

How mentoring programs are not enough to truly increase diversity in companies’ leadership teams. Greater gender and ethnic diversity happens when advocacy from people in positions of authority embrace that responsibility.

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Why the customer experience is the future of monitoring

Enterprise IT and business leaders are looking for technology solutions that help them simultaneously transform and reorient the organization’s operating model around the customer experience, while being able to manage the complexity...

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How CIOs can tap into their investor network when looking for vendors

CIOs should turn to investors for insight into vendors as they can provide CIOs with an understanding of technologies offered by their portfolio companies, insights into the tech solutions their portfolio companies are using, an early...

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Working with our allies is the best way to persuade China to practice open trade and investment

The administration’s announced tariff actions is a mistake.

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Opposites attract – fintechs and incumbents

The banking industry is undergoing substantial change as customers demand digital services. To meet these evolving needs, banks are realizing the value of partnering with fintech firms to spark innovation. So, how can banks and...

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