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No, you cannot get rid of your IT department

But you can and should tweak the IT organization to meet modern requirements for agility, innovation, and digital-first operations. Here’s how.

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Episode 3: Crafting a Strategy for Agile and Secure Networks

Thinking strategically is key for success in IT. In 2021, IDG saw a significant jump in the number of CIOs calling themselves “strategic.” These are the CIOs who spend the majority of their time driving business innovation and...

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To make industrial data actionable, evolve your data historian with an AIoT strategy

The ability to mobilize and integrate volumes of complex industrial data across the enterprise is business critical. That’s why industrial leaders need to invest in cloud-ready, purpose-built AI infrastructure and applications.

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3 steps for creating a data-to-value ecosystem

The key to managing a mountain of data and disruptive technologies may lie in establishing a center of competency.

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10 strategic tech trends for the infrastructure industry in 2022

The time has come for digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Here are 10 technology trends that will shape the future of infrastructure.

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Three concepts to embrace for effective digitally driven innovation

As digital transformation moves from buzzword to business priority, understanding three critical concepts – and the subtle differences among them – will help you make the right adjustments to strategies and mindsets.

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How AI can help oil and gas producers reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and improve their business

Reducing emissions is an important part of better operational performance that includes higher efficiencies and lower costs. Artificial intelligence and automation can help.

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The secret art of technical architecture improvement

Building effective IT 101: Now that you know what you have in your technical architecture, and how good (or not-so-good) it is, you’re ready to plan for its improvement.

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The next big thing in network security?

SASE has emerged as an effective way to address the shifting enterprise network perimeter by merging network and security services in one.

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Big three: Develop a strategy for 5G

Networking leaders need to consider three key points for best practices and first steps with 5G.

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4 critical success factors for selecting an SAP system implementation provider

In the SAP SI selection process, the traditional approach facilitated by procurement is flawed and fails to account for the complexities of an enterprise SAP SI selection. Here’s how to get it right.

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Episode 2: What are you doing about ransomware?

Episode 2: CISOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs and others are going to be asked: What measures do you have in place in case we get hit with a ransomware attack? That’s because ransomware attacks have increased by nearly 500 per cent since the...

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Immersive tech reaches critical momentum

Companies that recognize the signal of business change and invest in immersive technologies will capture an expanding market.

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UK's First Carbon Neutral Data Center Provider

UK's First Carbon Neutral Data Center Provider

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Episode 1: Cybersecurity at the Enterprise Forefront: What’s Different this Time?

Episode 1: Over the course of a few short weeks in early 2020, business as we know it changed. As lockdowns caused by COVID-19 spread worldwide, organizations scrambled to keep the lights on. Working from home was the only way to...

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Evaluating technical architecture: 11 key criteria and how to apply them

Building effective IT 101: Knowing what you have is a good first step. But knowing whether what you have is what you ought to have is a different matter.

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Can’t find the IT skills you need? Take a closer look at your team

Your IT employees likely possess skills and knowledge that are unused in their current roles and may make it easier for them to learn new skills. Together, these hidden and transferable skills provide a treasure trove of untapped IT...

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How foresight enhances strategic planning in times of uncertainty

The future cannot be predicted, but strategic foresight enables leaders to embrace uncertainty by better understanding, anticipating, and preparing for change.

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6 risks to avoid in your AWS, GCP, and Azure negotiations

Choosing a hyperscaler includes a series of seemingly unrelated decisions that must be assessed and made with a target end-state in mind. You will likely only get to make this decision once, so you’d better get it right.

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