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How to build for change in a cloudy world

Integration is one of the most strategic initiatives an organization can invest in today. Is it part of your cloud strategy?

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5 risks CIOs must assume in the digital age

Are CIOs supposed to avoid risk or embrace it? It depends. For digital programs to flourish and fuel the growth of the larger organization, entirely new behaviors need to be adopted by IT leaders—but they each come with an assumed...

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IT budget advice for midmarket organizations

Factors your midsize business needs to consider when budgeting for major technology initiatives and projects.

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The ripple effect

Pre-fabrication and other agile construction methodologies are transforming how data centers are designed and built – just in the nick of time for the explosive growth of data center infrastructure that will be required in the coming...

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5 reasons for containerizing your legacy Windows Server applications

Why leading enterprises across the globe are turning to a container management platform to breathe new life into legacy Windows Server applications.

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Maximizing your training strategy

Organizations that simply make training available will fall behind in their digital transformation. Implementing, and then maximizing, an internal training strategy is the key to staying competitive in today’s business landscape.

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The workforce awakens: insights for the service desk

How to enable the new work environment employees are requesting and facing the challenges of a changing IT landscape.

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Don’t let your IT-enabled transformation program go ‘Into Thin Air’

While reading “Into Thin Air”, I started drawing some parallels between climbing Mount Everest and deploying a major ERP system. The software you buy is the path that you choose to climb the mountain, and the System Integrator (SI) is...

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Novartis succeeds in managing IT modernization journey with two-team approach

Approach ensures necessary commitment and continuity for transformation.

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The 8 essential skills your IT team must possess

Increasingly, finding a promising candidate who fits the bill on all these skills is challenging or down right impossible.

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How to manage IT in a spinoff: 5 tips for success

Know your assets, including data; and whether you stay with legacy services or go greenfield, be aware of security and the bottom line.

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In the digital age, speed is the new scale – are you mastering it yet?

Enterprises are craving for more speed to gain competitive advantage during digital transformation; but surprisingly, executives have limited options to respond with.

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New privacy laws must permit valuable uses of public records

Let’s be careful not to shortchange the free flow of public data in the rush to pass new privacy.

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What does it mean to be a transformational IT leader today?

As CIO, if you think your job is systems, think again. Transformational IT leaders must change their mindset and do four essential things.

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Do you know how much stress is costing your business?

You may be surprised. But while stress is endemic in the workplace, technology and management practices can help.

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Why a smart city is an asset to the citizen and the city itself

The future of smart cities is about delivering the right technology across all departments and connecting that to real-world experience of citizens and operational needs of the city.

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Why big tech firms are going after the primary care experience

Think Amazon Prime for healthcare (without a return policy). However, it’s complicated.

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Collaborative behavior as a path to open office success

The open office concept is widely adopted, but under increased scrutiny. This piece explores why an improved collaboration strategy is needed to foster a productive and positive work environment.

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These 3 types of customer data platforms are not one and the same

A true customer data platform must integrate data from across functional and channel-specific silos into a single customer view that is accessible in real-time.

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Should CIOs be more open to playing in someone else’s digital sandbox?

CIOs are leveraging hybrid teams to develop technology. The tight grip on data is loosening to accommodate innovation-heavy markets.

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