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The often-overlooked value of moving to the cloud

CIOs are closer to modern technology infrastructure than they may realize.

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The retail CIO’s storybook

From ugly ducklings to ants and grasshoppers: three 21st century fables for retailers.

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Form follows function

Should we even care about the “enterprise” and “business” architecture labels?

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Career advice for the Class of 2018: Set your organization up for growth and success

Some career advice for 2018 grads thinking about mobile technology as a career path.

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Turn on the lights! The key challenges for businesses transformation

The process of turning on the lights takes vision and it also takes courage, but the rewards, in terms of value delivery, are profound.

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Taking ownership: an amplifier to success

The catalyst to transform project management and outcomes starts with owning what you do.

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How the best managers find hidden tech talent

CIOs are learning that the superstar MIT computer science grad may not be the best candidate for their software development team. Here’s what tech execs and team leaders look for in recruits.

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Taking responsibility for responsible AI

AI’s future is wide open – which is why we need to shape its effects on people and society.

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The future of CRM

What is the state of CRM and where should CRM tool vendors be going? Here's what CIOs have to say.

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Onshore vs. offshore: 8 trends driving IT support back home

When it comes to IT outsourcing, more companies are reporting plans to increase spending nearer to their own shores than “offshore.” This has several implications for CIOs and IT leaders.

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How tech companies are recognizing Pride month

June is LGBTQ+ Pride month, and tech companies are eager to show their support.

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Are you cooking with gas or is your top talent slowing you down?

Having too few “cooks” in your kitchen can put multi-million dollar projects at risk. Here are three techniques to make sure your best people don’t become project bottlenecks.


GDPR is a missed opportunity for real privacy protection

Doubling down on individual control makes GDPR an expensive nuisance for enterprises while failing to protect consumers against likely data harms.

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Reality check: the complexities of mapping the world in 2018

Although it’s widely believed that high-quality data is readily available and accessible, that is not always the case – it is more common, however, in regions with three common attributes. Dan Adams, Vice President of Data Product...

The U.S. Capitol building in Washington

Powering AI for government

In the coming years, artificial intelligence will become increasingly pervasive, spurring massive innovation across the private and public sectors. This development offers governments large and small major opportunities to surmount...

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David Shrier thinks we need a better model of how we deploy new technologies (and he’s right)

Oxford and MIT futurist David Shrier explains how augmented and extended intelligence may protect global governments against cyberattacks.

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Psychologically, all C-suite executives must overcome these 3 traits

“Emotional intelligence” is a popular buzzword in today’s business climate. Indeed, it is commonly cited as an essential building block of strong corporate culture, and employers often give it just as much weight as “hard” skills...

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Even CIOs need a hard hat: Agile construction is a secret weapon for smarter IT

Agile construction methodologies are dramatically changing how IT infrastructure is being built. Those construction practices will, in turn, give CIOs more flexibility in how they do IT planning and save money on a fast-growing aspect...

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New purpose-built platforms are ready to leverage the Age of Instrumentation

The information technology industry is rife with tools developed to serve a specific need.

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Why Google and Amazon can win in any business – including yours

From film production and consumer electronics to healthcare and grocery delivery, Amazon and Alphabet (Google) are moving in many directions at once. They have pioneered a new strategic model and their data-first principles allows...

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