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Super Seducer shows how deeply misogyny is ingrained in tech culture

The current climate around sexism and sexual abuse didn't stop the 'game' Super Seducer from making it to release, showing just how misogynistic the gaming and tech world is.

leading digital transformation puppet

5 keys to digital transformation

The enterprise IT organization should play a leadership role in digital transformation with these five key steps.

leadership management skill recruitment

What employees really think about praise and gratitude

Do leaders even know the difference between praise and gratitude...let alone how to use them effectively and the potential positive outcomes?

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What business risks can cause software outsourcing to fail

Looking at what business risks can be posed to software development outsourcing.

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Tremors in the boardroom as GDPR moves the regulatory paradigm from compliance to exposure

Any business leader who wants to sleep at night after May 25th, 2018, will need to move from a defensive to an offensive posture on GDPR.

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The economics of digital identities

By creating models that disintermediate and give users more control, blockchain-based self-sovereign IDs and associated data marketplaces redefine the balance of power encompassing digital identities.

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Faster, more reliable networks in your future

Fresh from Mobile World Congress – Wireless at the speed of light. Plus, how your network can benefit from network insights at scale.

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How can public cloud providers become ‘enterprise grade?’

CIOs want a number of straightforward capabilities from vendors they are willing to consider “enterprise grade,” but achieving it may require change from vendors.

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3 takeaways from HIMSSanity in Las Vegas

Another annual ritual of networking, hyperbole and celebration comes to a close for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). The bottom line is that health care IT remains an exciting place to be.

diverse team has a collaborative meeting

It’s time to walk the walk

Achieving the goal of creating an inclusive work environment requires a high degree of corporate commitment.

Read the fine print contract agreement

How to make your SLAs meaningful in SaaS cloud subscription agreements

To make certain your SaaS SLAs are meaningful and aligned to your needs, ensure you have considered the following seven aspects of any agreement.

fintech mobile payment cryptopayment

A startup guide to accepting cryptocurrency transactions

The number of people using cryptocurrencies is on the rise and is only expected to grow over the next few years. Accepting these currencies from your customers is thus a strategic decision that can put you at a competitive advantage. ...

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Australian State develops fund to spark government innovation

Sam Hannah-Rankin, Director Public Sector Innovation for Department of Premier and Cabinet (Vic) in Australia, discusses the launch of a fund aimed at sparking innovation in Australia.

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Make the paradigm shift from conferencing to meeting experience solutions

To create better people experiences, think of digital workplace communications and collaboration as a lifecycle and continuum, with a rich ecosystem of applications, people and content that needs to be contextual.

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Why it’s dicey to de-prioritize digital innovation

How do you help the digital innovation flywheel gain momentum while trying to also keep the lights on? Develop a strong digital foundation and an optimal operating model.

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How to set your priorities using architecture

Six business and enterprise architecture methods that should help you answer which one of your numerous initiatives should be delivered first – and which one should not make it into your priority’s list at all.

artificially intelligent, robotic workers

The workforce of the future is already here: are you ready?

While there is no crystal ball, staying intellectually curious, confident in your skill set and willing to stay informed on new emerging trends will help ensure that your future stays bright.

woman holding up 5 fingers number 5 top five

5 mindset traits to become a digital disruptor

These mindset traits can help you gauge your digital acuity against those of a successful disruptive digital leader.

'blockchain' set in metal type against a circuit board

Here’s what blockchain can do for you. Yes, you

Programmable ledger can track everything from organic vegetables to software code.

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#PressforProgress -- Equitable treatment for women, not just equal

Women don't need or want special treatment or hand-holding. They need to live in a world that is equitable -- that takes into account obstacles and challenges they've had to overcome.

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