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Always Connected PC: Still not a viable option for the enterprise

Windows 2-in-1’s based on the Snapdragon 850, Qualcomm’s first processor designed specifically for PC market, are now coming available. Though performance is much improved over first-generation Windows-on-Snapdragon systems, be...

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Does your AI plan account for safety?

It might only take a troublesome naysayer to sabotage an otherwise promising AI program.

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By 2020, 60 percent of digital businesses will suffer major service interruptions

The sheer number of cyberattacks resulting from an inability to manage risks — and the burgeoning talent shortage to deal with it — will force CIOs to rethink their defense strategy.

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A practical guide to KBQ-led enterprise AI strategy

As we approach the peak of the artificial intelligence hype cycle, enterprises need to take a strategic approach to implementing their cutting-edge tech solutions.

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When you can’t hire the engineers you need, make them

Use knowledge transfer to replicate your most valued engineers and build a team that can really deliver.

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How to select a leader

Tom Peters has written that leadership “is one area in which excellent companies have been truly blessed.” In the digital age, leadership is essential for CIOs, too.

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Make your company’s data work harder for you

Rethinking how your company’s activities generate data and focusing on its application to business processes might release hidden sources of value. Enterprises across a range of sectors are forging ahead of their competitors through...

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Getting your ship in order before you see the iceberg

Developers should care about IP and licensing issues during the software development process.

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Why you don’t need a Chief [insert new tech name here] Officer

The next time you read a call to action about the need for a new CXO role, you can apply these three steps to take a more disciplined approach to getting to grips with the technology or trend and seizing the opportunity.

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Has storage become sexy?

In the era of AI, and despite the software-driven everything trend, storage — and hardware more generally — is finding renewed strategic relevance in the enterprise executive suite.

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Look at me!

Some employees are happy being unhappy and can be quite vocal about it. Sometimes, however, attention-seeking behavior is masking something else entirely. It’s your job as a manager to figure out which is which…and what to do about it....

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Successfully reinventing your company starts with a digital transformation model

While most companies claim to have a game plan for digital transformation, many of these roadmaps deliver minor improvements in efficiencies but fall short when it comes to supercharging business operations. True transformation starts...

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Outcome quadrants: Move initiatives from tragic to strategic

Start by classifying your digital-business initiatives from an outcome perspective.

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Understanding the CEO’s role early in digital transformation programs

CEOs should play a strategic role marketing the strategy, clearing hurdles on aligning resources and defining the future culture of the organization.

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When is it time to say goodbye to Accenture, Deloitte, IBM or KPMG?

You have probably invested a great deal of time and effort selecting your SI and more than likely written them a few sizable checks. So how do you end the relationship once it's clearly become one-sided?

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Digging into tech debt

Tech debt represents the biggest technical risk to digital strategies. But how can CIOs manage tech debt so that their businesses retain the ‘right to win?’

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No longer alone: The women in tech movement is here

What the 20,000-person Google walkout tells us is that progress is happening for women in tech but not in the way you might think.

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4 criteria to attract top IT talent

As the battle to hire top IT talent heats up, these criteria – location, compensation, role, and recruiting process – will help you assess your ability to attract technology leaders.

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5 ways to beef up your cyber defenses for 2019

Just because it looks like you might survive 2018 without a major cybersecurity breach, doesn't mean your company's all set for an air-tight 2019. Here's how to make sure you're prepared.

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11 digital principles for building a creative digital workforce

It’s important to set core principles for building and nurturing an environment in the organization where curiosity is encouraged, and creative thinking is rewarded.

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