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How IT can reshape patient care

Struggling to provide a 360-degree view of patients? Learn how an API strategy can help.

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3 enterprise tech trends to digitize your operations

The market is changing so rapidly that even the savviest CIOs and CTOs may miss some of the upcoming trends that will impact industries across the globe.

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Driving your employee experience

Much has been written about the CIOs role in ‘customer experience,' but what about the foundation for great customer experience, employee experience and engagement?


The art of measurement in enterprise and business architecture

The need for strategic and tactical measurements, how to have effective measurements in place that aren't limited to IT architecture and, three sources of KPIs lists for various industries.

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Top 10 fastest growing, highest paying tech skills – and no certification required

Market values of these noncertified skills pay well above average and were still growing in cash pay premiums in the first half of 2018.

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Good help is hard to find

How the shortage of qualified data center professionals is a challenge not just for the data center industry, but also for the economy as a whole…as so many businesses expand their dependence on data center infrastructure. CIOs and...

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When diversity training backfires

Tech’s diversity problem can’t be solved with diversity training alone. The culture at the company must also change.

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Doing it digitally—How tech-charged customer collaboration delivers market innovation

The digital business delivers more innovative, connected products to market by leveraging collaboration technology that breaks down silos separating product lines, teams and regions, and connects both internal and external customers. ...

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Is your SAP SI partner evaluation missing the mark?

The selection of the partner who will usher in your digital transformation is just as important as the software you choose. Common errors in selecting your consultant can mean long delays, business mismatches, higher costs or worse.

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Balance the battle between process variations and standardization

Creating process variations should always be approached with care in order to reduce unnecessary complexities and inefficiencies. These seven steps should help.

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How to turn your organization into one of the ‘Best Places to Work in IT’

Transform your organization into one of the best places to work in IT by focusing on soft benefits and training and development.

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Top 3 practical considerations for AI adoption in the enterprise

More companies are investing in AI. However, to succeed, they need to make practical considerations for explaining its reasoning, low-data density environments, and the need for richer knowledge graphs.

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Redefining what security means for federal agencies

Federal agencies are starting to use data provided by routine cybersecurity protocols to identify new ways to increase efficiencies and optimize citizen service.

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9 big ideas from the Forrester CX Conference

Some key themes provide a perspective on the state of the customer experience industry.

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CIOs still have a way to go in supporting a mobile-first workforce

CIOs have the single largest impact on how effective their organization is in recruiting and maintaining a mobile-first workforce. In 2018, it’s time for CIOs to step up to their new responsibilities.

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Krzanich’s resignation the right move, but a loss for Intel’s diversity efforts

Brian Krzanich was one of the loudest advocates for increasing diversity in tech. Will Intel’s efforts continue now that he’s gone?

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Are you passionately curious? It's IT project management's success secret

Why do some projects stir a passion within you and others leave you less revved up? Could unlocking the secret lead to fewer IT project failures?

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The GDPR and the effect on US ad tech

The GDPR has been in effect since May 25. Discover the impact this new legislation has had on the U.S. ad tech industry and what it means for the future of targeted online marketing and marketing automation.

Talent Acquisition Methods

Secrets of managing really talented people

It’s the responsibility of senior leaders to ensure that talented individuals consciously acknowledge the scalability dilemma they are facing as a first step in turning them into true team managers.

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Open government data is essential, but policies should not discourage public-private data partnerships

Policymakers must craft sensible policies to ensure the public and private sectors can continue collaborating for the benefit of government and its citizens.

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