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5 signs it’s time to upgrade your ERP system

Debating whether you should upgrade your ERP system? Here's a list of the key signs that your business is being held back by its current version.

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The 3 principles of modernization success

How GE Healthcare is dealing with modernization will be instructive as you chart your own modernization path forward.


The truth about SaaS vendor management

CIOs discuss the maturity of their SaaS vendor management.

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Board and management responsibilities for information security

Only 37% of corporate directors are confident with their organizations’ cyber security plans. What responsibilities do corporate and public-sector boards have for oversight of cyber and information security and what resources are...

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Top 26 entrepreneur podcasts to listen to in 2018

All entrepreneurs, both established and aspiring, should check out this list of spirited newcomers and perennial favorites.

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Tony Robbins extracts the 3 secrets of digital success from the founders of Skype, Venmo and Airbnb

Although each digital pioneer had unique stories to tell, powerful themes were common to all of them.

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User experience (UX) frameworks can drive productivity and product quality

Advice on implementing a UX framework within an IT organization.

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Does your IT roadmap include martech?

As a technology leader, if you don’t know the marketing team down the hall, now is the time to introduce yourself.

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The conveyor belt: the missing piece of your cloud puzzle

Why businesses must learn from manufacturing to stay competitive in the digital economy.

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Fintech and credit cards: where are we heading?

Digital tools are expected in all fields, and certainly in banking and financial services.

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Removing silos: When non-IT leaders join IT

To help Lexmark's IT department better understand the business, CIO Brad Clay added non-IT people to the team. To ensure their success, he created a formal training program.

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15 risk areas for software development outsourcing

Watch for warning signs when your company is looking to successfully implement software outsourcing.

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Companies embrace blockchain to modernize loyalty programs

Unlike the current standards for awarding miles and points to loyal customers that come with numerous restrictions attached, new blockchain-based services are demonstrating that the capability for building a model that serves all...

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Why CIOs must be VOCAL to drive digital transformation

With CIOs leading one of the most complex transformations of all time, how do you ensure digital transformation success?

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Wake-up call: today’s B2B software buyer has completely changed

How can B2B software companies succeed in the future? By aligning with how the customer actually wants to buy, not how sales wants to sell.

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Why enterprise architecture maximizes organizational value

Increase agility, reduce solution delivery time and create a shared vision using the patterns of enterprise architecture.

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Don’t just push data – push an action

By pushing an action along with data, the information makes more of an impact on the people who can act upon it. And that drives productivity.

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Service management – more than just IT

The list of tasks that service management can address in every department in the enterprise is almost endless.

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Unnecessary and counterproductive regulations don’t make good competition policy

With increased criticism of tech companies’ size and power, it is important to note that unnecessary regulations would be counterproductive, causing more harm than good.

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Making technology more human

Each new year brings a clamoring to understand the next digital innovation, but it seems 2018 will be the year of the human.

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