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Digital transformation using business architecture

Corporations investing in digital transformation must use enterprise and business architecture in the planning stages of their projects.

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Social media responds too late to a week of hate

Gab shuts down; Facebook bans hate group; Twitter, well …

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Digital transformation’s dark secret

Much of what passes as digital transformation these days is more cosmetic than foundational. The root of true change is deeper than you think.

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How to develop an effective CRM strategy (and 7 signs you're not ready)

A CRM can give your company a strategic advantage – if, and only if, you tightly conceive and execute your CRM strategy. It’s not easy, but here’s how.

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Five steps of IT leadership

Professor and CIO Will Conaway shares his five steps for IT leaders to succeed at their jobs.

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Taking a counterintuitive approach to business strategy and technology deployment

As CIOs embrace disruptive technologies, a counterintuitive approach to strategy and execution is key.

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Is trust the biggest hurdle to blockchain?

Everyone wants to jump on the blockchain bandwagon but diving in without confronting risks early and aligning enterprise goals will be surefire path to failure.

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Why the speed of your hiring process matters

Discover the true costs of a lengthy hiring process and some effective strategies to help speed up your hiring process to land the in-demand tech experts you need.

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How to break down the enormity of change for IT modernization

Phased approach yields consistent productive progress in IT capability to support digital transformation.

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AI-driven content moderation can never be perfect

Regulatory pressure to rely more on automated takedowns threatens to undermine the legitimacy of online spaces.

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Standing up for transgender rights in the workplace

In the wake of this latest devastating attack on human rights, it’s more important than ever to support transgender people. Here’s how you can help.

Rendering of Cyber Security Center in Augusta Georgia, courtesy of Georgia Technology Authority.

Unique collaboration turned a governor’s vision of a cyber center into reality

Interviewing the State of George's CIO Calvin Rhodes, who helped lead a collaboration of government, academia, the military and the private sector to create a new cyber ecosystem.

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Managing your innovation pipeline

Successful innovation in a commercial enterprise is a matchmaking exercise that establishes a long-term marriage between a business opportunity and a new or emerging technology.

Proving your value in digital transformation’s third wave

Digital transformation isn’t new. It has been going on for at least 40 years. We are, however, firmly in the middle of digital’s third wave, and it is completely different from what came before. Hear from experts involved in the CX...

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Driving digital strategy

Digital strategy matters to all business leaders. As the key facilitator of digital strategy, it is essential that CIOs need to understand the latest thinking on digital strategy, so they can help their colleagues to have digital...

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5 reasons why data lakes are vital for startup analytics

Compared to more mature companies, early-stage startups have drastically different analytics needs. Data lake infrastructure can make things easier on them.

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The incumbent’s advantage

Digital transformation is scary, but it can be a bit less risky by maintaining and leveraging your organization's existing systems and exposing them in new, more engaging experiences.

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CIO need to drive the real time enterprise

New platforms to support real time data streaming, AI processing at the edge, and automated workflows will be the backbone of the real time enterprise.

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5 reasons why data-driven innovations fail

Make sure you understand some of the key mistakes that companies make when deploying data-driven products into the market.

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How business relationship management maximizes the value of IT

Business relationship management (BRM) is an important and growing movement, inside and outside of IT. Conceptually, it has existed for years, but now, energized by formalized process, digital transformation, and the continued...

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