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Why pay for tech certifications is declining

New highly-validated data from 3,305 employers reveals that the average cash market value for hundreds of tech certifications is at its lowest point since 2015.

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There's a new sheriff in town

The challenge as a senior IT leader in an M&A situation is that the new operating rules are unlikely to be communicated clearly, if they are even communicated at all.

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Waning or waxing? What’s happening to CIO influence?

Those who want to see their influence grow rather than shrink need to look for opportunities and partners rather than losses and interlopers.

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The importance of preserving user privacy, with a prudent approach to targeted advertising

Advertisers are well aware of the fact that there are numerous techniques on how to create successful targeted ad campaigns, most of which are ever-evolving due to trends and customer demands. Updated privacy standards are presently...


The future of code quality, security and agility lies in machine learning

Why and how machine learning on code is the next frontier to a whole new series of software building tools.

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Introducing the “lazy economy” business model and implications for CIOs

As you explore the art of the possible around the lazy economy, here are three implications and recommendations for senior IT leaders.

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4 trends in third-party services for 2019

Digital drives changes in customer and service provider decisions.

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Why Chief Data Officers need more power

If companies are serious about their data-driven futures, they should give Chief Data Officers the authority and resources they need to empower all employees.

How to amplify the value of your system integrator

A few ways to increase the value of your SI. If only these engagements came with a user manual…

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Beating CIO overload: 3 questions that could change your life

To eliminate CIO overload, create a Big Picture strategy that allows you to develop a healthy, productive team capable of making smart, strategic decisions.


DevOps? I can’t even open the wrapper!

Many organizations have failed – or are failing – to deliver value through their services because they can’t “unwrap the soap.”

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How do CIOs think about IT transformation?

From fixing how integration is done to jettisoning existing tech debt to helping to drive real business innovation, IT transformation should always be done with the business in mind.

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Proactive CIOs will leverage these opportunities in 2019

From AI-enhanced security to increased real-time data collection courtesy of IoT trends, CIOs are in for a year of evolution and collaboration.

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The CIO’s role in driving agile transformation

CIO’s have a unique opportunity in evolving their agile processes to truly transform how business and technologists collaborate and drive results.

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What about TED Talks?

It used to be everyone wanted to be a rock star. These days, everyone wants to give a TED Talk. But in everyday business we don’t need rock stars, we just need to be able to develop and deliver good ideas, presented with energy and...

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Why a computer may be your next manager

As we continue to instrument every facet of modern work, it's beginning to enable data-driven management. The flip side of this data-driven augmentation, however, is that it may make the act of management the prime target for...

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One CIO’s perspective on the people, process and technology formula for business success

According to IBM, business transformation initiatives often ignore the people aspect of change initiatives. Drew Saur, CIO of the Palmer Family of Companies has always focused on people first, process second and technology third. Saur...

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7 ‘don’ts’ of diversity for fostering a healthy office culture

A fair and inclusive workplace should cater to the needs of every employee as much as practically possible. However, diversity efforts and discussions often open up an unsavory can of worms. Fairness implies being fair and inclusive...

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Data-driven innovation in the insurance sector

Data is being used by new entrants in many industries and the insurance sector is no different. CIOs and other senior managers can learn a lot from examining the strategies adopted by startups as they both challenge and partner with...


Teaching technology, enhanced lives and building local economies

There is a wonderful undercurrent of technology training specifically designed to enhance the lives and standard of living of those attending their classes, while simultaneously helping build local economies and providing a trained...

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