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Digital health’s last mile problem

The digital health landscape suffers from a highly fragmented ecosystem of point solutions and a surfeit of big technology firms with no real solutions to deploy with speed and scale. However, there are a few ways to address the...

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How’s the 'software factory' going?

A software factory steadily humming along consistently and delivering quality output is the holy grail of software development. With trailblazing developments in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language...

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Why regression testing is crucial for every mobile banking app

Enhancements and upgrades are aimed to improve the quality of mobile banking apps and regression testing shows if the goal has been accomplished.

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How you can set your digital transformation project back to the Stone Age

Those who have been through digital transformation say it’s important to think through all the people and process questions before getting started.

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On-prem serverless – missing the point?

Serverless in your datacenter isn’t really “serverless,” is it?

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The societal impact of AI

If we are going to augment humanity with the machine, we need to do it in a way that doesn’t bring along our mistakes of the past.

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How to make the most of meetings between IT and your business partners

Sanjay Shringarpure, CIO of E & J Gallo Winery, discusses why a structured approach to meetings between IT and its business partners drives IT value.

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Consumer data protection is an advantage, not just a responsibility

A deeper dive into the tectonic shift from business models that sell data towards those that market data protection. The backdrop: GDPR is around the corner even though 59 percent of US employees haven’t even heard of the GDPR.

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Why would Goliath buy a coyote?

Do you have the strategic competence to contribute to a multi-billion-dollar merger? Are you and your team nimble enough to contribute to integrating a new business into your portfolio? Find out as you learn lessons from Walmart’s...

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The hurricane preparedness guide for businesses

The period between June and November is one of the riskiest times for business. Why? Because it’s hurricane season.

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10 dirty secrets of CRM

CRM vendors cash in on your hopes for revenue, profitability and collaboration. And it's all true … except for the parts that they leave out. Here are some truths that they won't share but you should understand.

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The ethical challenges of AI

Companies need to think in ethical terms as they develop and deploy AI applications.

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Misery loves company: the chronic end-user problems that undermine IT credibility

IT credibility is not simply based upon IT’s ability to implement new technologies or support major business initiatives. Keeping end users productive on a day-in, day-out basis is equally if not more important in establishing IT’s...

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The starting line to the pursuit of digital transformation

By leveraging next-level IT service management technology, CIOs have the opportunity to begin their journey toward digital transformation in familiar territory.

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Blockchain needs innovators and risk managers working together

Whether blockchain’s on your roadmap, or you’re still searching for the perfect use case, there’s one thing you shouldn’t overlook. CIOs need legal, internal audit, and compliance leads on their teams.

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4 steps to find your voice

What holds you back from speaking in public? Here are four strategies for silencing the voice of doubt and empowering you to speak up.

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Retail innovation: Words to the wise

Redefining innovation in a post-channel era – why disruption has had its day.

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How to use AI for strategic decisions

AI is rapidly entering new markets and is quickly becoming an essential tool for business strategy decisions. Although many leaders struggle to understand how to use AI, there is a simple process flow that can be used for any AI...

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Are your legacy systems living in the Jurassic Age?

Struggling to spark life into your legacy systems? Learn how a mindset change and an API approach can help.

09 mergers

Secrets to managing M&A

As the average life of public corporations continues to decrease, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is increasingly a way of life for ‘legacy businesses.' But how do CIOs become a M&A enabler?

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