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The simple way low tech industries can digitally transform

The older and more undisturbed a process is, the greater the potential. Simple tools can create immediate and substantial value.

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How to Increase customer-focused collaboration

The theory behind creating a collaborative, customer-focused team is simple. Unfortunately, simple isn’t always easy. If theory worked without a glitch, you wouldn’t be feeling the pain of missed project deadlines and key stakeholders...

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5-stage self-help program for confronting talent debt within your organization

IT leaders bemoan the technical debt afflicting their core systems but rarely confront the talent debt afflicting their workforce. This self-help program enables leaders to accelerate the transition from denial to action in dealing...

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Want to create a customer-centric culture? Meet your customers where they are

Digital evolution is challenging for a company as large as Qurate Retail Group. But CIO Karen Etzkorn is helping it succeed by creating a customer-centric culture and elevating digital experiences.

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Can parenting affect your child's success in the workforce?

Parenting is difficult enough without taking the blame for your child’s poor choices. How can your decisions affect your child’s success?

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The secrets of high-performing teams

While a motivated team is important to succeed in today’s competitive business world, a team that embraces entrepreneurial thinking can be a real game-changer. But can that mindset be taught?

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Beyond data recovery: A CIO’s perspective on digital preservation

Ensuring your valuable digital information remains accessible and usable is no small feat. It involves planning, resource allocation and application of preservation methods and technologies...and it goes well beyond backup/restore and...

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Delivering results through the magic of experimentation

Achieving the desired results for your innovation practice starts with identifying business-driven opportunities; exploring disruptive technology in ways that are fast, cheap, and delight your audience; and focusing momentum on the...

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Effective data modeling

Understanding data is a prerequisite to gaining control of any enterprise. But understanding is only useful if that knowledge can be shared and transmitted. Effective data modeling should be a primary focus of any enterprise architect....

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Tesla, the data company

Tesla is harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to build one of the most innovative neural networks in the world.

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Waste Management dumps legacy processes, drives digital change

By applying three levers of digital transformation, Waste Management is infusing technology into the business model to drive growth.

Retiring technical debt is a top challenge for all-in cloud model: Madhusudan Shekar, Amazon Interne

AWS cloud storage: The flexibility of Elastic Block Storage

EBS is an example of how the flexibility and simplicity of utilizing cloud storage has improved in recent years.

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The trait great leaders do NOT have

A leader with an open mind is ready to learn, lets the team think creatively and is ready to protect the team. But there's one trait true leaders don't have...

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Corporate purchasing – an unexpected way to fight climate change

Corporations are ultimately going to have to adopt green practices to their entire business or face challenges either from competitors, consumer demand or both.

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The end of project management?

IT project management as a discipline has been around for many years. However, is it relevant in the age of digital products? Or can it become a valuable adjunct to IT digital product management?

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Transparency is the way forward to assess political bias on social media

It’s the best response to charges of bias from China and across the political spectrum.

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Transforming an insurance and financial services giant to meet customers’ digital expectations

Terrance Williams, President of Emerging Businesses and CMO, and Jim Fowler, Executive Vice President and CIO, on driving cultural change at Nationwide, one of the largest insurance and financial services organizations in the US.

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Lack of cybersecurity is the biggest economic threat to the world over the next decade, CEOs say

As digital transformation continues apace, CEOs see cybersecurity as the number one threat to the global economy in the next decade.

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What artificial intelligence means to business analysts

Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzz word but a reality for the environments business analysts and many other analysts find themselves working with today. There’s a real need for analytical skills to learn these new...

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The new innovation model: monetizing healthcare data

Healthcare enterprises are launching programs to monetize patient medical data by offering access to researchers and innovators. How these initiatives can benefit all stakeholders (or leave out some).

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