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Accelerating DevOps maturity for digital transformation


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The widespread adoption of cloud computing has enabled extraordinary value to organisations of all types and sizes, in terms of flexibility and agility that prepare them to grow and change in whatever direction opportunities dictate. To go deeper and unlock the true potential of cloud transformation, traditional silos between development and IT operations must be broken down, to embrace DevOps and increase communication, speed and innovation.

Uncover the deeper cloud opportunity

Implementing DevOps at scale is the challenge of the day for many IT shops. Emerging industry best practices include the following series of recommendations for enabling DevOps-powered digital transformation:

  • Establish pipeline management. As DevOps tools proliferate in the organisation, the associated pipelines must be unified to provide single-pane-of-glass management and avoid security and compliance risks.
  • Integrate AI and automation. Managing IT operations for big data is too large and complex a task for manual human-oriented processes. Build AI and automation into workflows to bring them under control.
  • Accelerate cultural transformation. The biggest barriers to DevOps are operational, not technical. Address them in terms of breaking down information silos, building cooperation and fostering executive support.

Steps along the path to DevOps-powered transformation

Businesses working to enable the full value of cloud computing with DevOps-based workflows must adopt robust, unified management of IT resources across multiple clouds. IBM Services for Multicloud Management provides tools and services that help meet those requirements.

With specialised expertise tailored to specific industry verticals, this offering provides automation and managed services that unify tasks and roles across the organisation. As an open solution, IBM Services for Multicloud Management enables customers to adopt any combination of public, private and hybrid cloud resources, eliminating vendor lock-in and providing maximum flexibility for whatever the future holds.

To explore recommendations for streamlining enterprise-wide DevOps management, read the white paper 'Scaling DevOps for cloud-enabled IT transformation'.

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