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Episode 4: The secrets to managing applications in the cloud


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As organisations migrate workloads and applications to the cloud, they need to ensure that these are carefully overseen, managed and protected – and this is where CIOs are increasingly reliant on managed cloud service providers.

In this fourth episode, we tackle where responsibility lies between CIOs and vendors, how MCSPs can supplement the skills gap and how organisations get clear insight into how their applications are performing in the cloud.

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Contributors featured in this episode include:

  • Bola Rotibi, Research Director, CCS Insight
  • Fatuma Mahad, former Director for Technology and Operations at the University and College Admissions Service
  • Alex Denley, Deputy Director of Innovation and Transformation at London South Bank University
  • Alex Farr, CIO for Strictly Education
  • Christy Lally, Cloud Managed Application Services Leader for IBM Europe

In episode 5 of the Cloud Innovators series the experts look at containers. Still relatively nascent amongst CIOs and their organisations, there is much to consider about containers, including skills, security and management services.

Cloud Innovators is the podcast series guiding you towards successful cloud migration, and beyond.

Featuring real-life success and horror stories from acclaimed CIOs, industry analysts and consultants, this series outlines how IT leaders venture forward with their cloud journeys, from establishing their cloud vision and navigating those migration complexities to the growing role of containers and managed services.

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