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The three benefits of application modernisation


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Application modernisation is the process of taking existing applications and business processes and shifting them to operate in a hybrid, multicloud environment, but it is not just a migration exercise.

By re-architecting apps as they move into this modern environment, CIOs can start to rethink how they deliver capabilities within their organisation and start to leverage all of the key benefits of the cloud, such as greater velocity, increased developer productivity and major cost savings.

Once this journey has been mapped out, the long-term benefits of application modernisation can be significant. Not only can organisations start to operate at greater speed, but by shifting to cloud-native technologies and automated delivery, developers can focus on what they do best and deliver more features to delight customers, with no waiting around for big updates once a month.

As the research house Forrester found in its Total Economic Impact report, undertaken on behalf of IBM Services, organisations are "realising hidden business potential, enhancing customer experiences, and accelerating development and delivery," as a result of undertaking application modernisation projects.

In fact, the report – which surveyed customers working with IBM Services for their application modernisation projects - goes onto break down both the quantifiable and unquantified benefits, from improving the speed of modernisation/migration projects to reducing cost, downtime and compliance concerns. Unquantified benefits include an improved ability to innovate, as well as reduced risk of future platform incompatibility.

The IBM Services team has ample experience helping organisations of all sizes plan, manage and migrate their applications to the hybrid, multicloud environment of their choice. By adopting best-of-breed cloud native tools, including containers and Kubernetes, IBM Services has developed a tried and tested framework for app modernisation projects.

To find out more about the benefit of application modernisation, and how IBM Services can help you get there, click here to read the Forrester report. Alternatively, click here to find more information about application modernisation directly from the IBM website.

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