Episode 3: Evolving Your Cloud Strategy for Changing Times

There’s no doubt the cloud offers a range of benefits if used to its maximum potential. After the first wave of cloud investment, however, the essential considerations have changed. 

In this third and final episode our speakers, Gaurav Sharma, Associate Director – Hybrid Cloud Business, Digital Foundation at HCL Technologies, and Dave Smith, Founder and Principal Analyst at InFlow Analysis, explore why cloud and cloud technologies have proven essential in keeping businesses running. At the same time, however, companies must evolve their cloud strategies.

“Cloud has really moved from being the technology to an enabler of the business itself. We are seeing there is no business strategy without the cloud strategy,” says Gaurav. “We understand that cloud is a journey and not a destination. There are a range of business benefits that come with cloud if it is utilized to its maximum potential.”

But businesses must adjust, he continues. “It’s no more a cost game, but now an innovation game in terms of cloud. How do you link the cloud solutions to the customer experience? How do you standardize while maintaining the agility and strength across platforms?”

Dave and Gaurav continue their conversation by probing such questions as: 

  • How can organizations differentiate on cloud standardization and investments? 
  • How has the pandemic accelerated cloud and technology adoption, and how should your cloud strategy evolve? 
  • How can you differentiate yourself from your competition and stay relevant using a technical advantage? 
  • How should companies view cloud investments? Is it a business top-down or bottoms-up view?