Episode 2: The Context for Fluid Customer Experience

The migration of contact centers to cloud is a hot topic and well supported by IT decision makers. But are you really thinking about your customers?

In these changing times the situation your customers face may be just as changeable as your business and IT situation. The question becomes, should you build out a “static architecture” for customer experience (CX), or create something that is dynamic, personalized, and fluid?

In this episode our speakers, Julian Frank, General Manager and Senior Solutions Architect at HCL Technologies, and Dave Smith, Founder and Principal Analyst at InFlow Analysis, explore why transforming your CX strategy to a fluid architecture is essential and what benefits it brings to your organization – and your customers.

Julian starts by defining the fluid customer experience. “Omnichannel service, personalized and predictive servicing, and fluid service – bringing all these three together is what I would illustrate as a fluid customer experience.”

Julian and Dave go onto to examine such topics as:

  • How to reimagine the contact center and expand into supporting multiple personas
  • The importance of transforming your CX strategy into a fluid architecture
  • What steps organizations must take as they modernize their contact center
  • How organizations can start designing for multi-experience
  • Understanding what role AI plays in the modern contact center