Episode 1: Time to Solidify Your Digital Workplace Strategy

Technology buyers see the potential for a solid digital workplace foundation. Small prototypes and niche use cases have drummed up significant interest in what is possible with digital workspace services. But before buyers can implement new technologies in this space, they must take a step back and ensure their digital foundation is up-to-date and scalable.

Our speakers, Saurabh Sharma, Director and Head – Product Management of Digital Workplace Services at HCL Technologies, and Dave Smith, Founder and Principal Analyst at InFlow Analysis, kick off their discussion about the digital workplace with a quick review of the past year.

“This was a watershed year .. no one had anticipated that the world would go remote,” says Saurabh. “All organizations have to rethink their work, the strategy, they have to recalibrate workplace resiliency. But despite what we all witnessed, there are still the positives that I would want to focus on, such as accelerating the pace of workplace transformation.”

Dave and Saurabh continue their conversation by exploring such questions as:

  • How can organizations move towards building a resilient workplace, while also considering people’s experiences and wellbeing?
  • What are the keys to forming effective security strategies in light of changing workplace dynamics?
  • What is the concept of the Fluid Workplace, and why is it important?
  • Why should enterprises focus on delivering experiences for customers as well as employees?
  • As organizations develop improved digital workplace strategies, how can they measure success?
  • What are those key measurable components of a digital workplace strategy?
  • What does the workplace look like going forward from a future of work perspective? Is Hybrid the new normal?