Designing the right cloud architecture to power digital transformation

CIO Australia recently sat down with senior executives at Canon Business Services (CBS), and its sister companies Harbour IT and Converga BPO, to discuss the challenges Australian CIOs are facing today keeping their organisations agile yet also secure as they look beyond the pandemic.

The result was a two-part podcast series titled: Maintaining business agility and data security with the cloud post COVID.

In this first episode, ‘Designing the right cloud architecture to power digital transformation’, CIO Australia associate editor, David Binning spoke with CBS chief executive Luke Clark and the company’s general manager sales and professional services, Lawrence Mills about the rapid acceleration of digital transformation projects during COVID-19.

The upshot was a mass exodus to cloud services as organisations sought to ensure everyone could work effectively and safely from home, while pivoting to maintain customer interactions and business continuity.  

Few would argue that without the cloud most organisations would not have been able to stand up an adequate digital response to the pandemic. 

Yet as Clark and Mills note, technology and business leaders now need to reflect on the new digital solutions and processes that were so hurriedly deployed to determine if they are sustainable in the long term. How do they maintain momentum, innovation and agility looking ahead to the future? 

As many CIOs have discovered, it can be a tough and lonely road going it alone.

Today it’s more important than ever that they partner with a capable and experienced managed services provider that understands their business and can help ensure they configure the optimal combination of cloud solutions to deliver the best performance, management, visibility as well as value for money.