Episode 2: You're New to CIAM — Now What?

So you’ve got a basic understanding of customer identity and access management (CIAM) and why it’s so important. Now it’s time to determine where you fall on Okta’s CIAM Maturity Curve and how to use that assessment to your advantage.

In this second episode of our 5-episode podcast, The C-level Strategic Guide for CIAM Investment, we explore the first level on the CIAM Maturity Curve: basic.

At this phase you’ve built critical identity security features into your app—and brought it to market. But there are still challenges, says Swaroop Sham, Group Product Marketing Manager at Okta.

“The goals and challenges for organizations, especially for these young, new organizations, is really the speed-to-market equation,” he says. “They have that hunger and appetite to quickly ship a product. I should probably even point out an early, minimal, viable product with basic identity requirements. They want to get that product in front of the customer so that they can get that business validation very quickly and very early.”

Regardless of your stage, every effective CIAM solution should have these three components, Swaroop says:

  • Proper authentication – ensures that the users logging into their accounts are who they say they are
  • Effective authorization – helps you confirm that users have the right level of access to applications or resources
  • Clear user management – enables you to update user access permissions and implement security policies

And what’s next on the spectrum? Phase 2, which includes expanding your product offering to serve a growing customer base. Listen in to learn all the details.