Episode 4: Adding Intelligence to Your CIAM Strategy

In this fourth episode of our 5-episode podcast, The C-level Strategic Guide for CIAM Investment, we will explore phase 3 on the CIAM Maturity Curve: Intelligent. 

To move from phase 2 (automated) to phase 3 (intelligent) involves a number of important considerations around security and personalization, says Swaroop Sham, Group Product Marketing Manager at Okta.

“From a growth perspective, companies are thinking about protecting not just the data that they store, but also the infrastructure and very importantly, their users,” he explains. In this phase, “security becomes very paramount to both from a compliance standpoint, but also from a brand perspective.”

“From a competitive advantage standpoint, it might be things like having a seamless sign-on process, a seamless authentication, or a reset and recovery process,” he continues.

Other examples of phase 3 security improvements include the following:

  • Your app offers strong, possibly passwordless protection
  • Your use and storage of customer data is fully compliant with data privacy regulations
  • Your identity security is stringent
  • You can proactively detect and mitigate risks
  • Customers use your services with trust and ease

Equally important, says Sham: removing friction across the user journey and applying features that drive personalization and analytics. “We know that personalization is a very key concept today, so companies are looking to hand deliver that personalized experience and leverage identity to deliver that personalized experience,” he notes.

Want to learn more? Join us to hear all the details.