Episode 1: The Future of Data

The successful, modern business is data driven. Information is the “platform” for operations, decision making, and strategic insight. Organizations that are more skilled at using and understanding data will develop competitive advantages that will be hard to overcome. This podcast, featuring Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer at Informatica, focuses on how any organization can better leverage and utilize their unique information asset.

The starting point is to view data not as discrete data sets or data bases, but as a holistic platform that can be utilized across many diverse use cases that enable innovation and more effective operations. This requires that IT teams remove complexity and barriers to using data. Further, the data management platform of the future has data intelligence and insight to increase its use by more individuals or teams.

Moving forward, while there are many different apps or systems that contain data, there should only be one data management platform. This approach limits fragmentation, improves usability, and perhaps most importantly, it improves the validity and completeness of the data being used to ensure analyses provide the right answers.

A good example of the value a data management comes from Unilever. Using a modern data platform that reduced supplier on-boarding times from months to days, they were able to better manage their supply chain during the pandemic to reduce disruptions and ensure more of their items were continuously available.

A modern data platform, such as Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud, is the foundation for moving forward. The ability to better utilize the corporate data asset improves speed, efficiency, and operational processes more effectively, all of which lead to better financial results.

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