Episode 4: The new work embraces diversity and inclusion. Or does it?


Hybrid work models open the door to a much broader talent pool, with the flexibility to focus on skills the hiring process more on skills rather than location. This shift provides an opportunity for organizations to get serious about their DE&I objectives. But who's taking advantage of this opportunity? Are we seeing tangible progress toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace in this new world of work?

There are plenty of challenges in turning DEI commitments into practice. "The first question is, how do we bridge the experience gap between employees that are in person and those that are working remotely?" said Nika White, CEO of Nika White Consulting. "The second is, who on the team may have greater challenges to overcome just to participate? Third, how can we proactively accommodate those team members with different needs around remote work? We can't solve for those three questions unless we intentionally identify the needs of the people who are most impacted."

This episode looks at diversity and inclusion in the context of the new work and the role of technology in helping organizations attract, hire, support, and retain a more diverse workforce.


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