Episode 1: Reboot customer experience through the lens of data & AI


The voice of the customer has never been louder – and they continue to make their opinions known via their wallets. Customer expectations are higher than ever, and delivering superior customer experience requires new strategies and new technology investments.
Dimas Gimeno, Executive President and Founder of WOW Concept, knows the story well. Wow Concept’s retail store in Madrid offers an immersive retail experience that melds the physical and digital worlds. The innovative approach was crafted in direct response to changing consumer expectations.
“You need to find a way to be different and to deliver new brands and new products that surprise the clients,” he says. “With the rise of e-commerce and on-demand services, consumers are expecting faster and more meaningful experiences. Consumers are also expecting personalized experiences, whether it's in the form of personalized recommendations, promotions, customized products, or personalized communication, they want to feel the brand and to understand the individual needs and preferences.”
The good news: data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can help deliver these personalized customer experiences and superior customer support.

In this experience economy, I believe data plays a pivotal role,” says Naveen Kamat, Vice President & CTO, Data and AI Services at Kyndryl. “If you take the retail industry, you have customer touchpoints across various channels and workflows, whether that's online, in-store, whether that's the contact center.... Now, how do you integrate data from these various channels and ensure a holistic profile of customer behaviors and preferences? You need the right data foundation.”
“Once you have that you can drive machine learning and intelligent applications programs across the business, and at scale,” he continues. “We're beginning to see an outside-in approach to data transformation and architecture, for elevating customer experience, looking at the various customer journeys and working backwards to what the data architecture should be for the right data foundation.”
Listen in to learn all the details, including Gimeno’s predictions for customer experience of the future and Naveen’s thoughts on how data and AI will help deliver these exceptional experiences.

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