• Principal

    With more than 25 years of corporate leadership experience and 6 years of executive coaching expertise, Bob Kantor is the founder of Kantor Consulting Group. Through his company’s executive coaching and leadership development programs, Bob supports IT and STEM professionals transitioning from managing technology to leading people with innovation and confidence.

    It’s rare for technology-driven organizations today to be limited by or constrained in what they can accomplish based on their technology skills. Rather, it’s the soft skills of those in leadership positions that typically create bottlenecks, miscommunication, re-work and ultimately, projects that are over budget and behind schedule. These are all areas where Bob’s programs enable clients to gain traction and get things turned around.

    Bob has experience in leadership coaching for over 150 IT executives and managers at Bloomberg, and over 60 senior IT leaders at companies like DISH Network, Chevron, PayPal, eBay, Toyota, Aetna, Sysco, Unilever, SunTrust Bank, The Walt Disney Company and Molina Health Care.

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