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    For nearly 20 years, Daniel Hebda has been at the forefront of technology innovation that helps businesses meet their strategic goals. In his current position as Chief Strategy Officer for MEGA International, he drives the company’s strategy, focusing on formulating product direction that meets evolving market needs for business transformation software solutions and delivers a high level of customer satisfaction. Dan coordinates a multi-disciplinary strategy team across the company, tracking market trends and developing a road map for future products. He has worked closely with Fortune 100 companies for many years, providing advice and direction on business transformation and innovation.

    In previous positions at MEGA, Dan was Vice President of Operations at MEGA, managing the company’s business throughout the U.S. and Canada, and Vice President of Technology. Before joining MEGA, he was owner and principal consultant at Adestin, Inc., a technology consulting firm, and systems analyst/developer at Houghton Mifflin Company. Dan has a B.S. in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    Dan has led many complex programs in business transformation, from the perspective of enterprise architecture and change management. Through his expertise, he helps customers begin projects faster and deliver ROI sooner. His background in business architecture, process analysis, technical architecture, application integration, and product customization has helped him guide companies in their strategic initiatives.

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