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jamshid rezaei mitel

CIO Spotlight: Jamshid Rezaei, Mitel

As CIO, Rezaei is responsible for driving Mitel’s IT initiatives, as well as developing and executing the company's digital transformation efforts. Here he discusses Mitel’s digital transformation, the goal of improved customer...

stethoscope mobile healthcare ipad tablet doctor patient

How IT is helping to create a culture of consumerism in healthcare

CIO Jonathan Shoemaker explains how Allina Health is turning patients into customers using technology and tools regularly used by retailers.

james rutt dana foundation

CIO Spotlight: James Rutt, Dana Foundation

An early adopter of cutting edge cloud security solutions, James Rutt led a full cloud transformation at Dana Foundation, long before it came in vogue in the enterprise.

martin de martini y soft corporation

CIO Spotlight: Martin de Martini, Y Soft Corporation

Among his top priorities this year: Providing customers with tools that will simplify their decision-making process and looking for opportunities to automate unnecessary human work.

energy lightbulb innovation utiliities by riccardo annandale unsplash

Even utilities look to innovate and transform processes

Mike Koehler, CIO and CDO at Exelon, discusses how he’s creating a culture of innovation at the energy provider, improving customer, employee and supplier experiences.

joe filippoli tabula rasa healthcare

CIO Spotlight: Joe Filippoli, Tabula Rasa HealthCare

With a non-traditional start to his career via the United States Navy, Joe Filippoli eventually found his true calling in healthcare IT.

digital 2.0 abstract barcode second generation

What is Digital 2.0?

Digital 1.0 vs. Digital 2.0 -- Vijay Sankaran, CIO of TD Ameritrade, explains the differences and offers advice to CIOs looking to move their companies to an “anywhere, anytime, any platform” mindset.

state cio

State CIO shares insights on the importance of strategic IT governance

Alex Pettit, a veteran CIO of state and municipal government, discusses strategic IT governance and process.

alastair pooley snow software

CIO Spotlight: Alastair Pooley, Snow Software

One of the key challenges Pooley sees for CIOs is transitioning from holding the purse strings on technology spending to taking on the role of consultant and influencer.

eric johnson talend

CIO Spotlight: Eric Johnson, Talend

Eric Johnson always thought he would end up working for his family's manufacturing business. Instead, he has spent the last two decades forging a career for himself on the global IT stage.

chris conry fuze

CIO Spotlight: Chris Conry, Fuze

Having responsibility for employees efficiency means that Conry is having to manage the evolving make-up of his workforce. With millennials and Gen Z's now entering the work environment, the challenge comes from finding corporate...

mark settle okta

CIO Spotlight: Mark Settle, Okta

Digital transformation is a hot industry buzzword, but for Settle it's become a "cringe-worthy" term. Still, he says, because collaboration tools are key to digitally transforming the way people work, their selection should not be...

binary code spanning a world map

Oman develops technology fund to invest in global entrepreneurs

An interview with Yousuf Al Harthy, CEO of the Oman Technology Fund, and Hanan Askalan, a member of the Board of Directors about what the fund is, why it was started and how it operates.

mark hopkins skullcandy inc

CIO Spotlight: Mark Hopkins, Skullcandy, Inc.

A key priority for Mark Hopkins in this coming year? Leveraging analytics to develop a data driven culture and drive process and product improvement.

digital transformation 1

The future is bright for digital CIOs

Digital transformation is creating many opportunities for CIOs. Learn what they are and how to advance your career as a digital CIO.

northwestern mutual milwaukee cropped

160-year-old insurance giant transforms into a digital business

How Northwestern Mutual transformed its classic IT model of plan, build, run into an agile model focused on digital innovation.

conagra brands office

Conagra CIO: In IT, our job is to remove the friction

Mindy Simon, CIO of Conagra Brands, focuses on being digital with her business partners, not doing digital to them.

digital disruption ts

How one IT leader is responding to insurtech disruption

In part one of this Q&A series, ICW Group’s vice president of IT shares insight into the changing role of IT and how he’s thinking about insurtech disruption.

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