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Conagra CIO: In IT, our job is to remove the friction

Mindy Simon, CIO of Conagra Brands, focuses on being digital with her business partners, not doing digital to them.

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How one IT leader is responding to insurtech disruption

In part one of this Q&A series, ICW Group’s vice president of IT shares insight into the changing role of IT and how he’s thinking about insurtech disruption.

Denmark creates world’s first Tech Embassy to understand global tech giants impact on society

An interview with Casper Klynge, the newly appointed global tech ambassador of Denmark, the first position of its kind.

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain investor gives suggestions to global governments regulating new technologies

A talk with Miko Matsumura, who founded crypto exchange Evercoin and is a Venture Partner with BitBull Capital, on how governments might regulate blockchain and cryptocurrencies while still allowing for innovation.

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Q&A: Homeworking may not boost ‘productivity’ after all

We speak to Dr Esther Canonico, from the London School of Economics Department of Management about her study on the long term impact of homeworking.

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Organizing for digital industrial leadership

Jennifer Hartsock, CIO of Baker Hughes, a GE company, explains how she uses a product management model to drive productivity.

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United Nations blockchain pioneer prevents fraud of international aid payments

An interview with Joseph Thompson, co-founder and CEO of AID:Tech, and a winner of James Wolfensohn Game Changer Award and UN Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer 2017 for blockchain technology.

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How the State of Georgia provides innovative digital services to citizens

An interview with Nikhil Deshpande of Office of Digital Services for the State of Georgia on how he and his team provides digital services to digital citizens in innovative ways.

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How IBM's agile, design-first approach increases employee productivity

IBM CIO Fletcher Previn explains how agile development, Net Promoter Score, and organizational structure are key to delivering easy-to-use solutions that drive innovation and employee efficiency.

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Are expensive data analysts wasting a lot of time?

New research addresses the state of data discovery

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How to turn ‘high potentials’ into enterprise leaders

Andy Newsom, CIO of CSL Behring, discusses how he makes talent management a part of the IT department's culture and turns high-potential employees into enterprise leaders.

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How data analytics can identify toxic work environments

We speak to Dave Weisbeck from Visier, which uses employee data to discover (often negative) social trends in the workplace.

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The CIO with a digital business P&L

Justin Mennen, CIO and CDO of CompuCom -- provider of managed digital workplace services, is elevating the digital experiences of his customers and his P&L leadership role.

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CIO Leadership Live with John Hill, CIO at Carhartt | Ep 5

In this lively one-hour discussion, show host Maryfran Johnson talks with Carhartt's CIO John Hill about the evolving role of the IT leader, the quest for innovation game changers and how Carhartt tackled digital transformation by...

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Will skills be the key to the ‘future of work’?

Targus’ IT director talks about what the future of work might mean in practice.

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The strategy journey

An interview with Julie Choo, lead author of the book “The Strategy Journey: Transform your Business in the Digital Age,” to be published later this year.

CIO Leadership Live with MITRE Corp.

CIO Leadership Live with Joel Jacobs, CIO at MITRE Corp. | Ep 4

Show host Maryfran Johnson talks with CIO Joel Jacobs of MITRE Corp., a private non-profit research organization that provides consulting, engineering, and technical services for numerous federal government agencies. A big part of its...

digital transformation binary change agile growth

To achieve agile at scale, move technology out of IT

New York Life’s Dave Castellani offers his vision for a new distribution of IT resources.

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