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Cloud Platform Design & Manufacturing Services

In the session, we will be showcasing real-use cases regarding Advantech’s customization design on computing systems to meet various needs of different industries.

Edge Cloud & IoT Security

Take a closer look at Edge Cloud and the evolving landscape in 2021.

eBook | Presented by NAVISITE

5 Tips for Running a More Cost-Efficient IT Organization

IT organizations struggle with managing daily operations while accelerating digital transformation with existing resources and budget.

eBook | Presented by NAVISITE

How to Move to SAP S/4HANA Successfully

A new world of opportunity awaits—but how do you get there? In this eBook, we outline the key benefits of moving to S/4HANA, factors to consider when determining your timeline and next steps to ensure your success.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NAVISITE

Navicast - Five Cloud Migration Gotcha's

Join Jim Ball, Navisite’s VP of global alliances, and Peter Berry, Navisite’s CTO of cloud technologies, as they discuss the five areas that organizations commonly miss when developing and executing on their cloud migration plans.

eBook | Presented by NAVISITE

The Final Mile: Migrating Exadata Workloads to AWS

The final mile of any public cloud migration strategy is usually comprised of an organization’s most complex, mission-critical systems.

White Paper | Presented by Expedient

Cloud Different?: The Promise of the Multi-Cloud Era

Cloud is 15 years old. Your strategy shouldn't be. Our guide outlines what's worked in that time, what hasn't, and why a new approach is necessary to finally realize the potential of cloud to deliver on digital transformation.

10 Things to Test in Your Future Next-Generation Firewall

This paper discusses ten points to consider and actively test in your current security i nfrastructure and your future NGFW.

An Executive’s E-Guide to Protecting Workloads and Data on AWS

Bringing with it the ability to respond to business needs, capture new market opportunities and continuously differentiate business offerings, it’s no wonder cloud computing is the new reality for almost every industry.

eBook | Presented by Microsoft

Making Confident and Effective Decisions in Uncertain Times

Solid data analytics give your business the ability to make confident decisions. See how Insight and Microsoft??Azure??Synapse give you the power to modernize your systems and help your business thrive.

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