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Case Study | Presented by Sinch

Customer Experience In A Transformed World : An In-depth Global Study About How Brands Can Engage, Inspire, And Sustain Conversations In A Transformed Digital Landscape

In a survey of over 2,800 global consumers, plus interviews with leaders in enterprise CX, we examine how the pandemic is affecting customer behavior and the way forward for brands seeking always-on, omnichannel engagement.

CyberArk Identity Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Solution Brief

Passwords alone are not enough to verify a user’s identity and protect businesses from data loss, fraud and malicious attacks.

CyberArk Identity Lifecycle Management Solution Brief

Adopting cloud-based applications and enabling mobility comes with hidden costs for IT — the complexity of managing identities within applications and endpoints.

CyberArk Identity Single Sign-On Solution Brief

As organizations adopt cloud and hybrid infrastructure and embrace an increasing variety and volume of SaaS applications, effectively managing and controlling access to corporate resources presents significant challenges.

IDaaS Buyer's Guide

An IDaaS solution is an IAM platform delivered in the form of a cloud-based service hosted and managed by a trusted provider. The right IDaaS solution can provide enormous benefits, such as risk reduction, cost savings and productivity gains.

eGuide | Presented by Sinch

The Actionable Guide To Increasing Customer Loyalty With Mobile Messaging

In this guide, you’ll learn why you need to incorporate these channels and technologies into your customer-service toolkit, and how to use them effectively in different scenarios.

Top Ten Considerations When Choosing a Modern Single Sign-On Solutions

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions are instrumental in controlling employee access to applications and systems.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NAVISITE

5 Ways You’re Inviting a Ransomware Attack: How to Build Better Security Protections

There’s been a dramatic increase in cyberattacks recently, including a surge in instances of ransomware.

Business Security Made Simple/ Benefits of Cloud Based Surveillance and access control

Today’s physical security solutions live in the cloud and they bring all the typical benefits associated with any digital transformation– centralized management, scalable solutions, access to tools that require powerful processing, and reduction in costs.

Cloudvue Overview Webinar

In this 20-minute webinar, you will learn how Cloudvue will help streamline surveillance and security operations, scale coverage, and speed up response times with intelligent alerts, video sharing tools, and intuitive dashboards.

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