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White Paper | Presented by Talend & AWS

Turning Machine Learning into Business Applications

This white paper shows how Talend and AWS are bridging the gap between data scientists and data engineers to operationalize ML.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Building a Secure, Cyber-Resilient Culture

On a near daily basis, we hear reports of yet another large company suffering from a data breach or cyber-attack. But, building a secure infrastructure doesn’t depend entirely on the IT staff, it’s a companywide undertaking that requires an organization to put digital security at the forefront of their focus. And, that means implementing from every member of an organization, from the C-Suite down to the end user.

eGuide | Presented by eSentire

Managed detection and response

Brush up on your third-party services management skill set. And read this eGuide for more advice on whether your company should be looking into MDR.

White Paper | Presented by PerimeterX

Six Major Threats to E-commerce and How to Stop Them

Automated bot attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they learn how to avoid detection.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Expanse

Know Your Cloud Footprint with Expanse

As more organizations adopt the cloud in a variety of different forms, risk of uncontrolled spending and security exposures increases astronomically. Issues like shadow IT and orphaned cloud services are new and unique, making it challenging for IT and security professionals to address without proven technology and processes. Existing IT management tools have not evolved sufficiently to provide even the most fundamental component, a system of record of an organization's cloud assets.

White Paper | Presented by Dragos

Improving OT Defense and Response with Consequence-Driven ICS Cybersecurity Scoping

This paper will introduce an easily applied and repeatable scoping model that will help ICS security analysts identify starting points for cyber threat hunts, incident response planning, penetration/vulnerability assessments, and other related cybersecurity strategies.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

2019 Nucleus Research Guidebook

Companies are outsourcing cyber security infrastructure and expertise as budget and talent limit the abilities of IT departments. Nucleus found that the SIEM capabilities of IBM QRadar on Cloud (QRoC) helped customers realize value and maintain agility as their security and business needs change.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition

Both AI and cybersecurity are broad and poorly understood fields. This book helps give you an overview of the various technologies that make up AI, where they have come from, and what AI has evolved into today.

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

A Tale of Two SIEMS

The difference between operating in the best of times and worst of times is choosing the right SIEM. Keeping pace with advanced threats on a legacy SIEM can usher in an age of uncertainty for your corporate security. Operate in an age of wisdom with IBM Security QRadar, an intelligent, next-gen SIEM platform that takes the fight directly to threats.

eBook | Presented by IBM

E-Book: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Upgrade to a Modern SIEM Solution

Attackers are becoming more dangerous and as the regulatory compliance environment continuously evolves, basic tools just can’t keep up. Ask yourself these 5 critical questions before upgrading to a SIEM solution.

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