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Fast & Secure: Protect Kubernetes applications on Google Cloud with Aqua Security

Aqua Security, the first consumption-based container runtime security solution available on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. Aqua is deployed onto your GKE cluster with one click, providing full lifecycle security for container & Kubernetes-based applications, from image scanning to runtime and network controls.

White Paper | Presented by thycotic

Black Hat 2018: Hacker Survey Report

Thycotic conducts a survey of hackers at the Black Hat conference each year to get their perspectives on vulnerabilities and attack vectors they find easiest to exploit. With nearly 70% of our 300+ survey respondents considering themselves “White Hat Hackers,” the survey reflects a large proportion of attendees devoted to helping organizations stay safe by highlighting their surest wins for exploiting IT systems.

White Paper | Presented by IRONSCALES

Business Email Compromise: The Catalyst for Mailbox Level Email Security

Traditional email security tools have proven effective at preventing spam and traditional email phishing messages, but now face unprecedented challenges identifying, preventing and responding to modern and more sophisticated phishing attacks, such as business email compromise (BEC) and ransomware.

White Paper | Presented by AGARI

Securing O365: Protect Against Targeted Attacks

This white paper discusses the optimal method of enabling security for Office 365 so as to maximize protection against the growing array of security threats that organizations will encounter, while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

White Paper | Presented by AGARI

Filling The Security Gaps in O365

Decision makers evaluating the efficacy of Office 365 to meet their business requirements must be aware of its shortcomings in the areas of data protection, archiving, security, encryption, authentication and eDiscovery.

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Forrester GDPR Microsite: Data Protection Gets Personal: GDPR Through the Lens of Data Security

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a paradigm shift in the way companies across the globe must approach protecting personal data. As of May 2018, EU data subjects now have greater autonomy than ever before over how their personal information is collected, stored and shared – and the repercussions for companies that fail to comply will be significant.

White Paper | Presented by AGARI

The Identity Deception Gap in O365

Advanced attacks such as business email compromise and account takeover-based attacks continue to be a leading way attackers are bypassing Secure Email Gateways (Exchange Online Protection included). Unfortunately, the majority of such attacks target Office 365 organizations. To stop these attacks a new model focused on determining sender trust and message authenticity is required, of which O365 security was never designed for.

2018 GDPR Compliance Report

The 2018 GDRP Compliance Report found that only 7% of organizations state they are in full GDPR compliance, yet 80% say GDPR is a top priority. Find out what’s driving, enabling, and hindering organizations as they manage their data privacy and GDPR obligations in 2018 and beyond.

Orchestration, Automation & Response: A SOAR Buyer's Guide

Are you prepared for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response technology? Download this buyer’s guide to find out what to expect from orchestration and automation, how to measure success, and why you need to ‘prepare your SOC for SOAR’.

6 Ways to Improve Your Network Security with SD-WAN

With the right SD-WAN solution, broadband internet service are secure enough for the enterprise. Read this eBook to learn six ways to use a secure SD-WAN solution to improve network security and compliance.

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