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Data Sheet | Presented by NetApp

Unlock the Full Potential of NVMe with the AFF A800 Array

NetApp leads the way with the first all-flash array to support NVMe over Fabrics, delivering superior NVMe storage IOPS and bandwidth with advanced data management.

Data Sheet | Presented by Five9 Inc.

Adapter for Oracle Engagement Cloud

Deliver amazing customer sales and service globally and consistently with Five9 and Oracle Engagement Cloud

Data Sheet | Presented by Five9 Inc.

Adapter for Oracle Service Cloud

Digitally transform your contact center and start delivering amazing customer experiences, every time.

Data Sheet | Presented by IBM

Guardium Analyzer Data Sheet

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer is a SaaS offering designed to help compliance, data and IT managers get started on the GDPR journey.

Data Sheet | Presented by Verizon

Software Defined Secure Branch

As the demand for cloud and mobile technologies continues to rise, application performance has become a top priority. Not only are organizations expected to reach more people in more places, they must do so faster and more reliably than ever before. But can organizations rely on public IP services without sacrificing performance and security?

Unified, Easy to Use, Low Cost Infrastructure for Primary and Backup Storage

Organizations are constantly seeking ways to improve performance and user productivity while reducing costs for hardware, software, datacenter, and IT staff. Nutanix, Veeam, and ExaGrid offer the next generation of hyper-converged primary storage, CPU, and network; VM backups; and backup storage.

Data Sheet | Presented by Logicalis

Deploy new business services easier with an Extensible IT Framework

Over the past few years a transformation has taken place in how IT is delivered. This new dynamic, brought on by cloud solutions, has resulted in the breakdown of IT silos and shown the need for a more matrix-led IT department. It has created the opportunity for new processes and retooling, as well as a new consideration of how IT is run and the value it brings to an organization.

Data Sheet | Presented by Verizon

How to Bridge the Technology Divide in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to technology skills and work styles, today’s workplace is a mixed bag, with both similarities and differences among the diverse population. In knowledge-based jobs, age seems to make no difference to performance. And older workers appreciate the same kind of environment that Millennials are demanding from employers.

Data Sheet | Presented by Verizon

How to Make Remote Working Much Easier

Today’s workers carry smartphones, tablets, and laptops that connect them with colleagues and job tasks wherever they go. Collaboration apps have exploded in recent years, and now even most basic business software—to make spreadsheets, documents, and presentations—has become cloud-based and portable.

Transform Your Workforce with Dell EMC

Yesterday’s technology limits today’s productivity. Transform your workforce with Dell EMC Desktop PCs, Notebooks, and 2-in-1s. ComSource provides the innovative technology needed for transforming today’s workforce, no matter what work style your employees prefer.

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