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eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Think beyond traditional CRM to elevate your customer service

In this eBook, Farrell Hough, Senior VP Customer Workflow Products at ServiceNow, discusses the need for purpose‑built customer engagement technology and processes that go far beyond call‑logging to set your company apart from the competition.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

The customer service metrics and KPIs you should be tracking

This eBook explores how to capture and leverage key performance indicators (KPIs) and other customer service metrics to succeed and prove your team’s contribution to corporate goals.

eBook | Presented by Circonus

Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Capability Maturity Model

This eBook was developed to help enterprises across industries - from oil and gas and retail to ad tech, manufacturing, media streaming, fintech, and more - develop a strategy to implement an advanced machine data analytics program using a 5-level MDI Capability Maturity Model.

eBook | Presented by Informatica

6 Ways to Deliver Business Value from your Cloud Data Warehouse

Modern business relies on accurate, current data to fuel strategic insights—it’s how we stay relevant in a hypercompetitive marketplace. Essential to this analytics-driven strategy is your cloud data warehouse.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Driving Radical Business Transformation

Read this ebook to learn how IT can transform your business.

eBook | Presented by Informatica

Power Your AWS Data Lake With AI-Driven Data Management

To get the greatest value from your Amazon Web Services (AWS) data lake, you need an intelligent data management strategy that replaces slow, tedious legacy manual processes with fast, simple automation powered by machine learning.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Preparing for launch

Just creating a plan for transformation is not enough. You need to assess your day‑to‑day operations and make changes where needed. If that doesn’t happen, you could end up battling inefficiencies and legacy challenges when launching your transformation. This ebook can help you prepare.

eBook | Presented by Informatica

TDWI Checklist Report: Pathways to Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization

Moving to the cloud presents a key opportunity for data warehouse modernization. But to take full advantage of the cloud’s flexibility, scalability, and agility, be sure to take a planned approach.

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

The 5 Attributes of a Modern Security Program

This ebook highlights key factors to consider when creating a comprehensive security strategy and outlines five attributes of a modern security program.

eBook | Presented by Informatica

The Ultimate Workbook for Cloud Data Warehousing With Amazon Redshift

Data enables businesses to intelligently disrupt outdated competitive models to find new opportunities. The scale of data and the needed flexibility mean that cloud computing is the new normal. IT organizations increasingly rely on cloud data warehouses using Amazon Redshift to deliver the agility and efficiency their business stakeholders need.

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