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eBook | Presented by Box

5 Steps to Good Governance

Self-governing documents take the pain out of compliance. When compliance is made easier it actually happens. That's the idea behind self-governing documents from Box Governance. Self-governing documents let you automatically protect sensitive content with intelligent policies.

eBook | Presented by Google

Security at Scale with Cloud Computing - A Minute in the Life of Google

How does Google protect itself successfully from multiple kinds of cyber attacks every day? Read this report to find out.

eBook | Presented by Box

5 Considerations in Choosing a Collaboration Platform in the Digital Age

This eBook, 5 Considerations in Choosing a Collaboration Platform in the Digital Age, will walk you through the ins and outs of what to keep in mind as you choose the best collaboration platform for you.

eBook | Presented by Jive Software

From Fragmentation to ConnectionHow IT, Corp Comms and HR can Unite People, Information and Systems for Better Company Performance

For human resources, it's the crisis in employee engagement. For corp comms, it's the struggle to inform and align an increasingly diverse, dispersed workforce. For IT departments, it's the challenge of digitally transforming their companies while managing a disparate, ever-growing patchwork of systems that complicates life for IT staff and business users alike.

eBook | Presented by Jive Software

The Future of Financial Services in the Digital Revolution

With all of the new digital competitors emerging, the financial services landscape is changing before our eyes. Consumers and clients are more informed and more digital-savvy than ever - and they increasingly expect a personalized customer experience.

eBook | Presented by Box

What does best-in-class security and compliance look like?

The rise of mobility, cloud services and service-oriented platforms have created immense value for IT and end users. But adapting security controls to protect sensitive information in a decentralized architecture has proven difficult. As a result, the modern business is burdened with challenges like insecure devices and file sharing, data sprawl and the persistent risk of human error.

eBook | Presented by Extreme Networks

5 Essential Elements of the 80211ac Wave 2 Business Case

Fueled by big expectations for increased Wi-Fi performance, the excitement around Wave 2 of 802.11ac comes as no surprise. After reading this eBook, you will not only be the most knowledgeable voice in the room, you'll also be well equipped to justify your upgrade to the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard.

eBook | Presented by Sage Software

Consolidate Your Office Systems And Eliminate 'App Overload'

This eguide looks at this phenomenon and offers a solution: a "one-office alignment" that consolidates apps and streamlines disparate software systems.

eBook | Presented by Extreme Networks

Find and Control Any Application in Your Enterprise Network

This eBook will explain how the ExtremeAnalytics Platform uses the industry's first flow-based technology to deliver unprecedented network application insights for every network environment - helping enterprises control what's on their network and prepare for future threats.

eBook | Presented by Sage Software

Futureproof Your Company Now: a Step-By-Step Guide

The following pages address the essential business principles that will always apply regardless of the stage your business is in. Most important: They've been created to help you focus on the key points that should put you well on the way toward future-proofing your business.

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