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Fall 2020: Leading Change

For today’s IT leaders, change management is more than technical, it’s about spearheading cultural transformation at every level of the business.

Tech spotlight: IT leadership lessons from the front lines in challenging times

This collection of articles from CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld and Network World examine the challenges faced by leaders across all segments of IT and solutions that have made a difference.

Tech Spotlight: Edge Computing

Like other hot new areas of enterprise tech, edge computing is a broad architectural concept rather than a specific set of solutions. Primarily, edge computing is applied to low-latency situations where compute power must be close to the action, whether that activity is industrial IoT robots flinging widgets or sensors continuously taking the temperature of vaccines in production.

CIO 100 2020: The New Digital Workplace

Learn how IT leaders in award-winning organizations are boosting productivity, streamlining collaboration and redefining the nature of work.

Technology Evolution and Use Case Expansion Drive Virtual Reality Growth in the Enterprise

Modern virtual reality (VR) started life as a consumer-focused technology, but forward-thinking enterprises recognized its potential to change the way employees train, collaborate, and get work done. VR market leaders are focused on commercial needs, and the enterprise market is growing at a fast clip.