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Fail-Safe Cobots Power the IIoT

Learn how NEXCOM International’s NexCOBOT SCB 100 safety control board (SCB), provides a robust safety capability for next-generation autonomous robot controllers.

Keeping Retail Workers Safe & Connected

Learn how Alan Jezek, Chief Revenue Officer at Theatro Labs, a leader in connected worker technology, is seeing first-hand how tech is enabling new business models like curbside pickup—and transforming longstanding practices like the daily worker huddle.

AI and Computer Vision Create Safe Spaces

Learn how Sensing Feeling, a specialist in computer vision, adds value to the visual technology that a customer has already invested in by dramatically improving its performance with machine learning and AI.

AI and Thermal Imaging Streamline Temperature Checks

Learn how the Heat Detection Camera, created by a partnership between Digital Barriers and Vodafone, gives end users or systems integrators a fully managed secure end-to-solution straightaway, rather than having to source the hardware and each capability from multiple vendors.

Building Automation Offers Safer Workplaces

Learn how Intelligent control and IoT solution provider IAconnects Technology Ltd. expanded its IoT smart building platform to help companies adhere to health and safety requirements in real time.

"Cloud in a Box” Puts Azure API Into an On-Site Appliance

Learn how the Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub challenges the existing hybrid cloud model. By presenting neither a traditional CAPEX-heavy private cloud infrastructure play nor a network-dependent public cloud model, this is a different hybrid cloud option that gives the customer a new choice.

Fast-Track IoT Functional Safety

Learn how SECO makes it easier for customers to more quickly pass the IEC 61508 and ISO 13849 certification process by including qualified FuSa components directly in the SMARC module, alongside complete documentation.

Optimize IT and OT at the Industrial Edge

Learn how OnLogic, a global industrial PC manufacturer and solution provider, uses Hardshell Fanless Technology for its line of industrial and rugged computers.

PDM Keeps Smart Factory Robots on the Move

Learn how NEXCOM, a global provider of industrial computing and predictive maintenance solutions, addresses a wide range of robot-specific challenges, and offers systems integrators (SIs) an easy way of customizing the solution to individual factory operations.

Smart Factories of the Future Are Here Today

To facilitate advanced Industry 4.0 use cases, learn how Siemens engineers deployed the company’s own SIMATIC IPC gateways on the factory floor, which aggregate control system data from up to 10 endpoints, perform preprocessing, and transmit the data to nearby AI servers.

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