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White Paper | Presented by Chronicle

Deloitte + Google Cloud: Future of the SOC

This white paper, written jointly by Deloitte and Google Cloud, defines the key factors that are shaping the modern Security Operations Centre and the challenges SOCs must overcome.

White Paper | Presented by Chronicle

Deloitte + Google Cloud: Future of the SOC Part 2

The second article of the “Future of the Security Operations Center (SOC)” series discusses what is arguably the most important component of a SOC—its people. Geared towards cyber security practitioners, including those who are just beginning their journey in security operations, as well as SOC leaders who are wrestling with finding the desired balance between outsourcing and insourcing their operations, this article conceptualizes the problems and reimagines solutions for the people side of your SOC.

White Paper | Presented by Chronicle

ESG: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Google Chronicle Security Analytics Platform

Never before has it been so critical for security teams to effectively secure the infrastructure for an increasingly remote workforce while they themselves may have limited physical access to on-premises resources. Those organizations that can deploy their security analytics and operations in the cloud are in a better position to continue to provide a secure infrastructure to the business.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

Managed Solutions Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra® is the database of choice for applications requiring the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and performance.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

Managed Solutions Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka® is a leading streaming and queuing technology for largescale, always-on applications. It comes with built-in features of horizontal scalability, high-throughput, and low-latency.

White Paper | Presented by Chronicle

Redefining Security Analytics with Chronicle

The threats and technology environments around us have changed radically. Security professionals lament that they must manage threats that originated in the 1980s, which means that old threats never leave; new threats simply pile on.

Taking the Right Actions Faster: Enhanced Threat Intelligence in McAfee™ Deployments

The volume of available threat data has increased dramatically over the last decade, gradually becoming a cacophony of noise.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

Ten Rules For Managing Kafka

Much like its namesake, Apache Kafka® can be an inscrutable beast for the uninitiated. If you dive in and just try to “wing it,” you are likely to make mistakes. Kafka is not difficult to use but it is tricky to optimize.

White Paper | Presented by Instaclustr

The Advantages of Speed and In-Memory Databases

This white paper first analyzes the business value derived from low latency applications, it then examines some architectural patterns for in-memory databases, and finally looks at the leading in-memory database and our recommendations.

White Paper | Presented by AWS

The business imperative for migrating SAP to the cloud — at your own pace

For organizations looking to improve operations and gain competitive advantage, the next phase of digital transformation involves shifting business-critical applications, including SAP workloads, to the cloud.

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