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White Paper | Presented by SYNTAX

Cloud Migration: 7 Steps to Take

High-quality migrations are time-consuming, as they require extensive testing and troubleshooting. Without doing it correctly from the start, it may cost you more time and money than you expected. This guide features the 7 steps an organization should take to complete a successful migration to the cloud.

White Paper | Presented by Lastline Inc

False Positives: The Cure is Worse than the Disease

SOCs are inundated by high-volume, low-fidelity alerts. Inaccurate detection technology, inability to correlate event data, lack of context, and no alert consolidation are overwhelming 79% of SOCs. More alarming are the risky way SOCs combat alert volumes. Learn more by reading “False Positives: The Cure is Worse than the Disease.”

White Paper | Presented by SYNTAX

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Building a Better ERP User Experience

For a very long time, enterprise software was hard to use, hard to look at, and even harder to understand. Green screens and clunky interfaces were the norm. But the software world has changed.

White Paper | Presented by SYNTAX

The 10 Biggest Cloud Migration Mistakes

By 2020, enterprises will move 83 percent of their workloads to the cloud. If you’re transferring your workloads to the public and/or private cloud, you might be under pressure to deliver a quick, cheap, and high-quality migration.

White Paper | Presented by SYNTAX

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Migrating to SAP S/4HANA®

In 2025, SAP will require you to migrate from SAP ERP to its successor, SAP S/4HANA. Failing to make this move can put your enterprise at risk, as you will be running an ERP that SAP no longer supports.

Compliance is More Critical Than Ever

Efficient and effective compliance management protocols are an absolute requirement in financial services

Apple vs. Dell: A Workstation Buyer’s Guide

When buying a workstation, price-performance matters. But it’s not the only consideration. Also important is aligning features and capabilities with user software applications and workloads. So are system optimization, expandability, reliability and support. While many buyers—especially for graphics, video and multimedia fields—might consider Apple’s iMac, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models, they may be selling themselves short in many ways. This paper provides a checklist for buyers to compare Apple’s newest high-end offerings with the latest Dell Precision workstations.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco Systems

Are you getting what you were promised?

People make a lot of claims about network security. We’d rather show you proof. If you're looking for speed, reliability, advanced intelligence, and ease of integration with your existing environment, there's only one secure internet gateway that you can build your entire business on: Cisco Umbrella. Check out our infographic to learn just how quickly and easily you can put Cisco Umbrella to the test in your environment.

Power Your Business With Modern Servers

Read this White Paper to learn why modernizing your server infrastructure with powerful, secure server technology, such as HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, can drive you forward.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco Systems

Protect Your Organization From Unwanted Cryptomining

Malicious cryptomining is a browser or software-based threat that enables attackers to secretly use an organization's computing power to mine digital currency. Why should you care? Cryptomining is the fastest-growing threat today, and cryptomining in your environment means you are vulnerable to other attacks. Malicious cryptomining also leads to hidden costs to your organization from stolen computing resources. Learn more about this fast-growing threat and how Cisco Umbrella can help.

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