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White Paper | Presented by Intel-Packet

Service Transformation: A Guide to Cloud Services Models

Companies are increasingly using as-a-service models to accelerate innovation, drive data insights, and improve performance. For many organizations, the Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) model is fast becoming the most efficient way to transform digitally. This guide examines the benefits of transforming via cloud services and provides use cases and examples of how specific as-a-service models can optimize IT and business.

3 Shifts in the Modern Data Environment And What it Means for IT Leaders

Providing organizations with reliable data for better decision-making is an undertaking that has not fundamentally changed in decades. Despite massive technology advances and new tactics, the IT organization managing data infrastructure today still has the same overall mission: moving data from its moment of creation and making it accessible and understandable by decision-makers at the moment of need.

White Paper | Presented by

A New Level of Trust with Salesforce Shield

Protect your enterprise with point-and-click tools that enhance trust, transparency, compliance, and governance across all of your business-critical apps. See how you can gain: • Complete Visibility with Event Monitoring • Increased Compliance with Field Audit Trail • Added Protection with Platform Encryption

White Paper | Presented by IRONSCALES

Anti-Phishing Requires A Three-Pronged Strategy: technical controls, end-user controls and process automation

This whitepaper explores how modern phishing techniques, such as business email compromise (BEC), ransomware, spear-phishing and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are meticulously designed to defeat traditional email security approaches and how IRONSCALES’ advanced threat protection platform is uniquely built to addresses the contemporary techniques of phishers.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

Discovering Your Total Cloud Footprint

Learn how a well-executed whole-Internet cloud discovery can provide substantial business value to organizations.

Governed self-service analytics at scale: An overview of modern enterprise analytics

Self-service analytics empowers organizations to fully leverage their data, be it for saving lives, driving supply-chain efficiency, or spotting new opportunities. The goals of self-service analytics are simple: 1. Empower people to ask and answer their own questions with data 2. Enable people to easily share their insights with their team and the rest of the organization 3. Ensure that the data driving the decisions is accurate Download this whitepaper to learn about the power of self-service analytics.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

IP Address Audit Checklist: A 10 Step Guide

Quickly securing your Internet Edge is an urgent business imperative, and must start with a baseline audit of the IP addresses that are relevant to you, not only those directly registered to you, but also those IP addresses that host digital assets your organization exposes to the public Internet.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

Product Sheet: Edge behavior

Attackers don’t care how your Internet Edge should be configured. It's a global blindspot that must be fixed now

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

Product Sheet: Edge Expander

Attackers exploit your blind spots and find what you didn't know you had. Expanse Edge Expander provides IT security teams with a continuously updated view of their Internet Edge and its exposures so they can be tracked and remediated to reduce risk, prevent data breaches, and stop ransomware attacks

Redefining the role of IT in a modern BI world

How IT can evolve from producer to enabler and foster collaboration around analytics.

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