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Cybersecurity Innovators Turn to Flexible, Customizable Platforms

Cybersecurity threats are at all-time highs and continue increasing in volume, diversity, and sophistication. One online attack on a business can inflict severe financial injury, damage its reputation with customers, and destroy years of work in developing competitive advantage. Instead of taking on the risks of designing and producing custom hardware and firmware, more cybersecurity application developers are turning to customizable platforms and services from Advantech. Next, see how this approach is changing how innovative network security solutions are delivered.

Cloud Platform Design & Manufacturing Services

In the session, we will be showcasing real-use cases regarding Advantech’s customization design on computing systems to meet various needs of different industries.

Edge Cloud & IoT Security

Take a closer look at Edge Cloud and the evolving landscape in 2021.

Video & AI Acceleration

Living in such a video-centric world, we will take a closer look at what we do best, in cloud transcoding and how AI is accelerating the transformation of the industrial vision applications.