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White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Radiology Unleashed: 3 Reasons the Time is Right for Remote Reading

Teleradiology and its enabling technologies were initially hailed simply for facilitating after-hours emergency consults and allowing radiologists to avoid overnight calls. Nearly three decades later, teleradiology is expected to be an $8.24 billion business by 2024, offering flexible work options for radiologists and providing care and expertise to underserved outlying areas.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Lenovo

Enhancing AI with Data and Analytics SAS and AI Workstations

Data scientists may be among the scarcest resource within any organization. Providing them with better tools that let them complete work faster and more accurately is critical. This webinar will focus on how you can optimize the time and efforts of data scientists by providing them with best-in-class technology.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

DE: Making the Case for the Right Workstation

Whether it’s an engineer designing bridge structures on a major infrastructure project or a developer coding the next big video game release, the workstation is the epicenter of the workday and a barometer for employee productivity.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Making a Powerful Case for Workstations

Standard PCs are appropriate for mainstream office applications, and gaming PCs are great for gaming. But when it comes to supporting demanding design and engineering applications, professional workstations deliver more power, reliability, user satisfaction, and unique features — for relatively little extra cost. Here’s a look at why and how.

Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

Neoscape Customer Story

Neoscape is one of the world’s leading architectural visualization agencies; specializing in visual storytelling. Their bold and innovative approach influenced by film and post production, allows them to create cinematic-quality experiences to help their clients cut through the noise. Their mandate is to explore new technology and create workflow efficiencies. Utilizing Lenovo’s desktop and mobile workstations, powered with NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ graphics, allow Neoscape to fulfill their mission.

Digital Spotlight | Presented by Lenovo

The Right Workstation Makes all the Difference

Adobe® Creative Cloud™ software tools are used extensively within the media & entertainment industry. Including Photoshop®: digital painting and image editing software, After Effects®: compositing software and Premiere® Pro: video editing software, Adobe® software is the standard in content creation tools.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Lenovo

Workstation M&E Customer Story

We’re digital pioneers, breakthrough innovators and restless creators who aren’t interested in setting the standard - we’d rather raise the bar.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

I.T. Security Isn’t Just More Important Than Ever, It’s The Most Important Thing, Period.

Don’t lose unnecessary time coping with attacks, threats and theft.In your solutions guide, you’ll find out the benefits of ThinkShield, how to ensure your data stays secure, how to keep employees stay safe online and some important statistics on the rise of cyber attacks.It’s time to act before your next attack, read the guide to find out what to do next.

eBook | Presented by Lenovo

Shielding Healthcare from Cyberthreats

The sheer magnitude of hacker attention isn’t the only concern for healthcare security professionals. The job of securing the healthcare technology ecosystem is made infinitely more complicated by several factors that are unique to healthcare. Stay protected with Lenovo devices powered by Intel® Core™ Processors

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Stem Success Whitepaper

Students graduating and preparing to succeed in college and the workplace require a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). A strong background in this skill set is not just for aspiring scientists and engineers - it is essential for all students.

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