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White Paper | Presented by Ordr

Deploying Effective Microsegmentation To Protect Connected Devices

Beyond the doom-and-gloom mantra, the fact remains that IoT devices represent prime targets for cyberattack. These devices are not like the common multifunction user device—servers, workstations and mobile devices—that receive constant OS updates and patches, are fortified with

White Paper | Presented by Ordr

Enhanced Firewall Integration with Ordr

Automatically Secure All Of Your Network Connected Devices

White Paper | Presented by Ordr

Ordr and Cisco: Rich IoT Visibility, Simplified Segmentation

The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA) solution includes a rich set of services to authenticate users and devices, classify user devices and common IoT endpoints such as printers, cameras, phones, and network equipment, as well as validate endpoint compliance of desktop PCs and mobile devices. However, additional tooling is needed to provide granular classification and compliance validation of IoT devices which comprise a significant portion of networked endpoints.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Ordr

Ordr and Palo Alto Networks® Joint Solution Brief

Take Control of Your Connected IoT and OT Systems and proactively protect your hyper-connected enterprise, utilizing the best-in-class next generation firewall infrastructure you already have. Ordr seamlessly integrates with your Palo Alto Networks infrastructure to implement and enforce granular segmentation policies for every class of device.

White Paper | Presented by Ordr

Ordr and Palo Alto Networks: Solution Overview

This solution overview describes how Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) complements Palo Alto Networks industry-leading Next-Generation Firewalls including centralized management with Panorama to deliver unparalleled visibility and protection through advanced IoT/OT device discovery, classification, and the automation of secure access control and microsegmentation policy to all networked users and devices across the enterprise campus, industrial zones, data center, and internet edge.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Ordr

Ordr: Enhanced Device Visibility for Cisco ISE

IoT devices proliferate virtually every company today but are virtually impossible to individually secure. These devices often run legacy operating systems with minimal or no patching capabilities to defend themselves. Network convergence and cross-domain communication demands that IoT devices share the same infrastructure and physical communications paths. Consequently, network segmentation is proving to be the most effective means to protect IoT. Executed properly, network segmentation can isolate devices from threats and significantly reduce security risk to the business.

White Paper | Presented by Ordr

Ordr Extends NIST Cybersecurity Framework to All Connected Assets

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) provides security guidelines designed to secure critical infrastructure from cyber threats and improve cybersecurity risk management. The Framework Core provides the foundation for modern cybersecurity programs and controls, based upon five functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Response, and Recover.

White Paper | Presented by Ordr

Ordr Systems Control Engine Technology

Digital transformation across healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and logistics is accelerating the hyper-connectedness of enterprise systems powered by IoT and connected OT devices. The enterprise IT network is now the melting pot for a highly eclectic mix of devices that businesses must manage and protect or face immediate security risk.