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Case Study | Presented by Panasonic

Roswell Police Department

TOUGHBOOK Professional Services provide much needed time and resource savings to Roswell PD’s IT team.

Select the Right Device for Data-Driven Policing

Find out what contributes to achieving effective data-driven policing.

Case Study | Presented by Panasonic

Trinidad CO Police Department

Panasonic’s partnership with Grants Office helps customers identify funding opportunities.

White Paper | Presented by Panasonic

Battlefield Advantage: How Technology Boosts Situational Awareness for Warfighters?

Real-time intelligence from geospatial data, drones and other military apps improves tactical planning and enables smarter, faster decision making.

White Paper | Presented by Panasonic

Five Things Military Leaders Need to Know About ATAK

Enhance situational awareness on the battlefield with an ATAK mobile solution.

White Paper | Presented by Panasonic

Mobility Solutions for Defense

TOUGHBOOK mobile solutions can enhance your mission with real-time intelligence that improves situational awareness, speeds up decision making and enhances communications in the field.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Panasonic

Prepared for Anything: Mobile Tools for Active Military Readiness

Panasonic mobile technologies support military readiness and the warfighter.

White Paper | Presented by Panasonic

Rugged, Mobile Devices Support Military’s Global Strategy

Mobile technologies enable resilient and agile logistics for defense services.

White Paper | Presented by Panasonic

Panasonic Rugged Mobile Devices Help Reduce Line of Duty Injuries

Police departments not only focus on the safety of their community but on the safety of their force, no matter what situation they may encounter. The right technology and reliable mobile computing devices used on a daily basis by a police agency can help increase officer safety.

White Paper | Presented by Panasonic

The Technologically Advanced Squad Car – Why We Need It

Police vehicles are becoming more than just
modes of transportation.