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eBook | Presented by Riverbed Technology

Four Gaps Your APM Tool Can’t Cover (But Needs To)

IT operations teams have historically leveraged application performance monitoring (APM) tools to ensure the availability and performance of critical business apps. But the adoption of SaaS apps, cloud-native development strategies, and other technologies that fuel today’s digital transformation initiatives are straining traditional APM solutions, leaving noticeable gaps in IT’s monitoring strategies.

eBook | Presented by Riverbed Technology

Covering Your SaaS: How to manage the end-user experience of application environments you don’t fully control

How to take back control of SaaS apps and validate their impact on the business with end-user experience monitoring

Did IT Work? A Playbook for Mastering IT Change Using End User Experience Monitoring

Get this whitepaper, to learn how to apply end user experience monitoring to validate the impact of applications, infrastructure, and/or devices changes. As well as to measure the effectiveness of pilot programs before full rollout and to determine whether you have met your digital transformation goals.

eBook | Presented by Riverbed Technology

Essential Guide to Better Digital Employee Experiences

Your tech-native workforce expects superior performance and speed, regular releases of new features, and the ability to access the systems and applications they need to do their job from anywhere and on any device. It’s not surprising that half of business leaders say outdated technology hampers their ability to compete for talent. Is your IT organization keeping up?

Essential Guide to Monitoring Containers and Microservices

Who broke my APM tool? Cloud-native applications with their microservices and containers can simply overwhelm traditional monitoring tools. It’s not your grandma’s APM. Today’s APM tools must provide the data granularity and scalability to troubleshoot and optimize performance in microservices applications and cloud-based delivery models.

Gartner Report: 4 Steps to Implement a Perimeterless Digital Workspace

Digital business expects an agile workforce independent of location and device. But, Infrastructure and Operations leaders struggle to proactively respond to expectations of a seamless experience when users transition between devices, networks, and apps.

Gartner Report: Broaden APM to Support Digital Business Transformation

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) capabilities have expanded considerably over the last three years, but the percentage of applications monitored in an enterprise has not.

Quantifying the Business Value of Riverbed End User Experience Monitoring

Why are companies investing in End User Experience Monitoring? It’s not only to ensure IT delivers a superior digital experience but also to verify that digital transformation investments actually make things better.

What is AIOps? The Four Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence for Operations

The good news is that with built-in observability applications are exposing more data than ever before, both application metrics and valuable business metadata. But the exponential growth in application complexity and the amount of data modern apps generate makes sifting through the data and surfacing timely insights for IT and business teams extremely challenging.