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Cloud Security Integrated with SD-WAN: Critical Enablers of Digital Transformation Across Distributed Enterprises

Enterprises realize the importance of evolving their businesses for the digital age. A critical enabler of this resulting digital transformation (DX) is the cloud, which provides the requisite flexibility, efficiency, and agility to move faster without upfront capital investments.

Measuring the ROI of Riverbed SD-WAN

To help quanitify the financial impact of SD-WAN, Enterprise Management Associates has built a detailed ROI model for 100 and 1,000 site enterprises. Using conservative estimates and customer input, EMA calculates that your ROI can run in the millions with payback in less than 10 months.

eBook | Presented by Riverbed Technology

Going Cloud-first? Start by Rethinking Your Approaches to Networking and Security

Many organizations are adopting a cloud-first mindset to power their digital transformation strategies and to better support evolving business demands. But supporting cloud deployments with legacy infrastructure introduces a multitude of network security and management challenges.

eBook | Presented by Riverbed Technology

Essential Guide to Cloud Networking with SD-WAN

Discover how SD-WAN simplifies cloud connectivity with revolutionary changes to networking that equip IT to respond to changing business needs with speed and agility. Learn three ways SD-WAN improves application performance and how integrated monitoring tools can be used to proactively detect and resolve performance issues.

Gartner Market Guide for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Recurring WAN service costs represent 21% to 25% of the cost to support a typical end-user environment yet fail to deliver the application performance and business agility required of digital business.

Digital Businesses Need to Rethink Their Network Strategies

The network must become cloudlike to enable delivery of dynamic, rich digital services quickly and easily. This means shifting away from old approaches that require configuration of individual boxes to an approach that is software-defined, based on policy and orchestration. It’s time for SD-WAN.

Riverbed Digital Performance Global Survey 2018

Riverbed commissioned a global survey to better understand the forces that are driving businesses to go digital, and the opportunities and challenges they face when implementing digital strategies.

Unifying End-User, Network, and Application Performance Monitoring and Management

Managing digital experience is a mission-critical activity in today’s economy. Traditional end-user experience monitoring (EUEM), application performance management (APM), and network performance management (NPM) have “similar while different” design points and do not independently provide a complete view into overall digital performance.

15 Keys for Ensuring a Successful Windows 10 Migration with End User Experience Monitoring

This guide shows how to use SteelCentral Aternity End User Experience Monitoring in a continuous improvement best practice process to ensure success.

Ensure Network and Application Performance for Cloud

Despite the tremendous promise and tangible business benefits that public cloud can deliver, challenges remain in areas such as simplifying network connectivity to the cloud, providing complete end-to-end digital experience management, and improving the performance and accelerating the release cycle of cloud-based applications.

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