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White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Accelerate Workload Performance: A Blueprint to Storage Modernization

Organizations are running their business on exponentially more data, created by more users, from different devices, and through different IT services and digital processes. While some data growth is fueled by new applications, it also arrives increasingly from non-traditional IT sources, including digital media, machines, and edge devices.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Achieve business agility with modern application approaches: A blueprint for migrating and transforming applications for Hybrid IT

Discover the best practices from HPE’s IT Advisory Consulting Services for migrating and transforming applications in Hybrid IT by capitalizing on innovative platforms, modern application architectures, agile development tools and proven methodologies.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Consume and Operate IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Learn why many organizations are leveraging forward-looking best practices from the experts at HPE Pointnext to help them transition to an ITaaS structure.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Define Agility Beyond Automation with Software-Defined Infrastructure: A Blueprint for Optimizing IT Infrastructure and Operations

This blueprint, based on HPE Pointnext experts’ real-world experience, is a “How To” guide that captures the business and technology challenges driving software defined infrastructure (SDI) and provides actionable steps for overcoming them.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Five Guiding Principles to Enrich the Workplace Experience: A Blueprint for Intelligent Spaces

IT services such as mobile devices, smart applications and cloud-based services are transforming the way we live, work and communicate. Global technology services and businesses are embracing digital transformation, introducing Intelligent Spaces to unleash worker productivity and accelerate the pace of business.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Hybrid IT Transformation: HPE Transformation Workshop

Your business is becoming digital. Are you ready with the right-mix of infrastructure, applications and services?

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

IDC's Quantifying data center inefficiency: Making the case for composable infrastructure

Nearly all datacenters in enterprise IT organizations have areas where efficiency can be improved. IDC study shows: Meadian efficiency in enterprise IT: People 50%, Process 30% and Technology 50%

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

IDC: The Future of Hybrid IT Made Simple

Through in-depth interviews of IT operations and LOB staff, IDC shares how enterprises are handling the challenges and opportunities presented by hybrid IT.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Protect Sensitive Data: HPE Data Privacy Services

HPE Data Privacy Services bring your organization the necessary infrastructure support to help you protect sensitive data across the entire IT lifecycle.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Protect Your Digital Enterprise Transformation Workshop brochure

This workshop explains and demonstrates how to secure your infrastructure, protect your digital assets, and automate threat detection and incident correction - providing complete visibility into your data center security operations.

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