Broadcom Embraces New Challenges and New Employees with the Help of AI


A few years ago, Broadcom set out a vision to improve the helpdesk experience for its employees, save time, and reduce the volume of work by automating tasks with AI.
In a matter of weeks Broadcom went from signing contracts to rolling out the Moveworks platform to all of its employees. Employees were instantly able to chat with the Moveworks bot in Google Hangouts Chat to resolve a variety of issues like resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, creating tickets, checking ticket status, and finding answers from knowledge base articles. All of these were previously handled by an outsourced helpdesk.
“This is the first conversational AI platform that focuses on the IT service desk. I don’t have to teach
it anything, I don’t have to do any scripting, and I don’t need a team of people to create dialogue flows. That part itself is huge: it’s true plug-and- play machine learning.”
— Stanley Toh, Head of End-User Services & Experience, Broadcom

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