Enhancing AI with Data and Analytics SAS and AI Workstations

Data scientists may be among the scarcest resource within any organization.  Providing them with better tools that let them complete work faster and more accurately is critical.  This webinar will focus on how you can optimize the time and efforts of data scientists by providing them with best-in-class technology.

The event will look at a “day in the life” of a data scientist and how the right solutions help them get work done.  The benefits of high performance workstations with the right software stack will be a key focus as this solution is quickly becoming essential to data scientist productivity.  In addition, the event will look at how workstations work with larger servers and the cloud.

This webinar features two expert speakers; Mike Leach, Solution Portfolio Manager at Lenovo and Scott Chastain Director, SAS Global Technology Practice.  Please join us to learn how your organization can improve the productivity of this critical resource.