The Connect Playbook

The first thing most people probably think about when they hear the word “connect” is their smartphone.

This is for good reason, considering more than 5 billion people in the world have mobile devices1, and the average American spends over four hours each day connecting with other people through a mobile device2.

But as fast and responsive and sleek as they have become, the devices themselves aren’t what keep us enraptured. Smartphones are tools. They’re a conduit to virtually anything you could want to watch, read, listen to, play or learn about. That’s what we really find so indispensable; unfettered access to entertainment, communication, information.

The same thinking extends to the way companies approach mobility. The devices we use for business are far less important than what they connect us to and what that connection enables. The mobility ideal for professionals is a lot more than just email on your phone. It’s seamless access to documents, data, colleagues and customers, whenever and wherever needed. The device is interchangeable; the information is not.