Managed detection and response

Managed detection and response (MDR) is a service that arose from organizations’ perceptions that they need to improve the way they detect threats, respond to incidents, and monitor their IT assets. Nowadays, it’s more critical than ever, says Mark Sangster, VP and Industry Security Strategist at eSentire, noting, “The majority of firms have deployed sensitive data to their public cloud infrastructure and are interconnecting every aspect of their business from the ERP to the shop floor—and this allows cyber adversaries to exploit the opportunities presented by cloud and employ invested ‘hands-on-keyboard’ attacks.”

Most companies cannot muster in-house threat-hunting experts, and MDR provides these firms the opportunity to accelerate their business by ensuring they can secure the data that’s exposed to these emerging technologies. It can help to secure your company’s defenses against attacks on endpoints, networks, and processes in the cloud. Vendors offer a variety of tools and procedures to help with detecting and responding to threats. Remember that MDR is meant to augment the security tools your company already has, and educate yourself in order to avoid duplication. Brush up on your third-party services management skill set. And read this eGuide for more advice on whether your company should be looking into MDR.