Digital Workspace Enabling a Modern Employee Experience

Join us and our strategic partner, VMware, to learn how to maximize the digital employee experience. We will explain in detail how to save time and increase ROI by improving your ability to handle a more flexible workstyle. A strong plan in improving the digital workplace increases your capacity to forecast, strategize and execute to the needs of talent acquisition, onboarding, retention and increased productivity. As organizations struggle to keep up with the growing need to allow employees the option—and in some cases, the requirement—to work remotely, Zones and VMware are ready to help business leaders outline a streamlined and secure blueprint to connect their workforce in our continuously evolving and uncertain future.

In this webinar, Zones and VMware will share best practices to enable a modern employee experience and discuss how to use VMware’s technology Workspace ONE in your digital transformation. This webinar provides a framework that will provide a general understanding of the following:

  • The challenges of the modern workforce who want more flexible workstyles.
  • The challenges of securing multiple apps and mix of apps including legacy/native, web, SaaS and mobile
  • Mobile enablement to drive productivity and positive business outcomes
  • Emerging delivery models.