Optimizing an Enterprise Data Warehouse for a MultiCloud Strategy

Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) have existed for about 20 years. They serve as the foundations of insight-driven organizations, delivering timely analysis and reporting of structured data, handling large analytic workloads, and supporting the high levels of concurrency that these organizations demand (i.e., many users simultaneously accessing the EDW). But while EDWs have been a familiar presence in many organizations, as companies look to reduce their data center footprints, increase organizational agility, and incorporate as much data as possible into their analytic workflows, the architectural rigidity, complexity, and cost of a traditional EDW are becoming increasingly apparent.

Due to their long-established presence, EDWs have been relegated to catchall status, with organizations utilizing them for activities for which they weren’t originally created. This unwieldly scenario is pushing the EDW to become more of a cost center than an insight enabler.