The Digital Transformation of Product Design

A recent survey of product design professionals shows that while digital transformation is underway, it's still in its early days. Less than a third of respondents can easily access their data, in part because 73% rely on systems that lack integration. A majority of product development teams lack proper tools for tracking data sourced as part of the development process. And only 34% can check their performance against key performance indexes (KPIs) in real time.
Despite current struggles, or maybe because of them, survey participants are positive on the future of integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) in the cloud. In fact, 10 out of 11 believe cloud-based PLM will have a moderate to revolutionary impact on product development.
This report was written to help executives who oversee product design and product design practitioners. Use the results to benchmark your own product design process and identify opportunities to better leverage data to improve business outcomes.