Expert Edition – Increasing the value of data starts by understanding not all data is created equal

If there is one thing that every agency has in common it’s the ever-growing amount of data they manage, store and use to make decisions. As the petabytes of information build up, agencies are figuring out how to be more strategic in making the data more valuable.

The U.S. Space Force, for instance, is creating a unified data library to begin this challenging process.

The Army is in the midst of implementing a new data strategy with goals centered on building and operationalizing an analytic environment. Throughout this e-book, military services explain why getting their arms around the data is more important than ever. But it’s more than just gathering data, the federal executives say it’s about knowing what you have, where it lives and how to protect, share and drive mission-focused decisions.

While answering these basic questions is important, organizations also must have a workforce that is prepared with the skills and tools to create further value across the agency’s data stores.

Like with most programs, it’s the combination of the people, the processes and the technology that will drive better outcomes and efficiencies.