Forms Digitization and Modernization: Incorporating WCAG Compliance into Your Redesign

For firms focusing on digital transformation, customer-facing forms are an area that got a lot of lip service but little true attention. But COVID-19 highlighted the problems with the document- and form-centric processes - which are critical for customer onboarding and servicing processes in financial services and insurance firms, particularly those requiring retention of documents of record.

Firms need to get business done without meeting clients in person and without relying on mail. But when firms accelerate their move to digital forms, they quickly realize that they got a much larger inventory than they realized, and a myriad of complexities and requirements they must address.

One of these requirements is accessibility for people with disabilities, which apply to online forms experiences just as they apply to online web and mobile application experiences. This paper provides an overview of the requirements and offers practical tips for addressing them as part of your forms digitization initiative.