Why Content Intelligence Holds the Keys to ROI

In today’s competitive landscape, the M&A game is heating up fast. There is intense competition between traditional and non-traditional bidders. Acquirers are sitting on record levels of cash, and aggressive bidding wars have become the norm.

With compressed deal timelines, bidders have limited time to evaluate
sought-after targets. Additionally, there is increasing pressure to justify
high-multiple deals fast, and there is limited time to reinforce one’s investment case with conviction.

Due diligence that overlooks new pandemic-driven risk factors is resulting in miscalculations of deal value and flawed legal agreements. Once the deal is done, the race is on to drive maximum revenue and ROI in the shortest amount of time possible. Given these challenges, how can organizations pen higher value deals and accelerate time-to-ROI?

Read on to learn the role that AI and automation play.