A buyer’s guide to optimum level of security

For years, SMBs and mid-size enterprises have been able to rely on their endpoint protection platform (EPP) to defend their businesses against an extensive range of commodity threats. But with cybercriminals increasingly
turning to new, unknown and evasive threats that can bypass the EPP, it’s time to upgrade these defenses with endpoint detection and response (EDR) and/or managed detection and response (MDR) solutions capable of protecting against such threats.

This buyer’s guide explains how to identify the optimum EDR-class security for your business in eight easy steps. You’ll want to start by reviewing your existing endpoint protection to identify any critical gaps in your endpoint
defenses. You’ll also need to be clear about what you want to achieve, and identify the protection that best fits your needs by thinking about your use cases. And you should take a serious look at both EDR and MDR, consider
these solutions within your broader security landscape, and draw up list of key capabilities required from potential vendors.

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