Why Creating a Good Data Culture is Key To Your Digital Strategy

A recent McKinsey analytics survey found that sadly, only 8 per cent of organisations are able to successfully scale their data analytics despite despite most organisations investing in and recognising the importance of data analytics, few are realising the full value of their investments.

But what many business executives don’t realise is that if their data analytics activities are to be successful, they need to create an organisation-wide culture that is about more than simple dashboarding and reporting.

Join CIO Australia and Tableau for an exclusive webcast event, ‘Why creating a good data culture is the key to your digital strategy’, where you will hear from leading data experts about what it takes to succeed with data analytics activities that are a key pillar of your digital transformation.

During the webcast, experts will discuss:

  • Why becoming truly data-driven requires a change in mindsets, attitudes and habits to embed data into the identity of your organisation.
  • The criteria your organisation should use to assess whether you team are data laggards, leaders or anything in between.
  • How to strike a good balance between making information available to those who need it while protecting the privacy of your customers.