Okta and AWS: Your All-Access Pass

Enterprises are currently undergoing high-level initiatives around digital transformation, migrating assets and processes to the cloud in order to support corporate agility and modernize IT and security. The process can reduce the costs of infrastructure management and maintenance, remove legacy identity as a constraint, reduce IT spend on expensive client access licenses, and simplify and secure user access—especially remote user access—to IT services across cloud and on-premises assets.

Okta and AWS combine to support safely moving any workload type to the cloud. As the world’s new work-from-home reality has multiplied user identities and cloud projects, IT teams are often spending more and more time managing AWS users, accounts, and roles. But using Okta to manage AWS resources allows you to leverage existing credentials and give an entire workforce—wherever they are, whatever device they’re using—the access they need to their AWS resources at every point in the employee lifecycle. This ebook will provide all the details.