Building the Enterprise of the Future

Over the last fourteen years, not only has cloud technology matured but an increasing number of organizations have come to understand cloud computing as foundational to and a key enabler of digital business transformation.

The most important questions business leaders must ask themselves now are:

1. How can I accelerate my digital business transformation and 
 achieve maximum business value from my cloud investments?
2. What should my business do to ensure long-term ROI and 
 increasing gains from my cloud investments?
3. How can I leverage cloud to quickly and strategically transition 
 from mode-one to mode-two operations? 
4. How do I extend my company’s existing business model and core 
 capabilities to new customers, markets, and targets?
5. What strategies, capabilities, products, solutions does my 
 company need to respond to disruptions and stay relevant?

This report explores these questions from the perspective of 
cloud-services users, and offers strategies, plans, and tactics to 
manage change by harnessing the full power of cloud with