Why IT leaders should consider a zero trust network access strategy

When it comes down to it in order to enable key business initiatives and bridge the gap between business needs and IT capabilities, IT leaders must choose technology that helps them overcome their challenges and allows them to:

  1. Solve the IT skills shortage, allowing the enterprises to make the most of talent on hand
  2. Deliver a superior user experience for employees and key company stakeholders
  3. Be adaptive and agile to empower a dynamically changing business
  4. Reduce the risks that can threaten productivity, IP, and a company’s reputation
  5. Accelerate the adoption of public cloud and mobile devices

Identifying the technologies that will achieve these goals is a difficult task, as the goals can seem at odds. The decision to adopt cloud services and mobile technologies, for example, achieves the goal of a streamlined user experience, but what about the goal of minimizing the chance of a security attack? IT leaders must strike a careful balance between accelerating the adoption of new, enabling technologies, and ensuring the security of sensitive data. Choosing the right technology at the right time is critical