IBM Managed Private Cloud IaaS: A Path to Digital Health

Healthcare companies are in transition, accelerating cloud migration in pursuit of digital innova¬tion and new operating models. Yet their transformation agenda is challenged by security, compliance, and legacy infrastructure constraints that are more burdensome than in other industries.

In all corners of the healthcare sector, as they work to launch a new era of digital health, organizations are trying to capitalize on growing data stores, advanced analytics, and AI. By reenvisioning how services are delivered, the sector is aiming for a standard of care that is more efficient and cost-effective. They’re also striving to deliver highly available, personalized patient experiences that result in better outcomes. 

“The imperative is to make sure services are available at the right cost point without compromising on quality,” says Anupama (Anu) Ambe, vice president and senior client partner executive in IBM Global Technology Services (IBM GTS). “Availability has become so much more important—services need to be always on. The last 12 to 18 months has shown us that dependence on these digital platforms for systems of engagement between a patient and a doctor has become all the more critical.”

The cloud is clearly the engine to drive these new digital experiences and reinvent healthcare services—but security and compliance present big hurdles for healthcare. 

For many healthcare providers, the answer lies in finding a partner to help navigate the complex terrain with end-to-end services. These solutions can accelerate modern¬ization and digital healthcare delivery while easing the transition.

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